Adam Rifkin and Penn Jillette Teaming for Director’s Cut

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Adam Rifkin and Penn Jillette Teaming for Director's CutPenn Jillette has a crazy idea for a movie. He says Director’s Cut is different than anything we’ve seen before… scary, funny, and very meta. He wants “Look” and Chillerama director Adam Rifkin to make it with him, but they need a little help.

Yep, it’s another crowdfunding campaign, but considering the parties involved – and after reading Jillette’s passionate plea on FundAnything (part of which is below) – we thought it worthy of mention.

Director’s Cut Campaign Statement:
I like movies that are scary, but I don’t want them to be dirt dumb. I want a movie that gets my blood racing, makes me laugh, but also gives me something to think about, with maybe a little sexy thrown in. Hollywood doesn’t make movies like that. They make torture porn and comedies but they don’t put them together. They make smart movies but. . . oh wait, no they don’t make smart movies, nevermind.

Hollywood will give me much more money than I need to make a movie, but NOT THIS MOVIE. . . I’m asking you to help me make a movie Hollywood won’t let you see. You see, I shopped “Director’s Cut” all around Hollywood. Everyone who read it said they loved it (but they lie), but they thought it was too smart for you. They didn’t think it was too smart for THEM. These guys think they’re smarter than YOU.

Hollywood thought my script was really clever and creepy and funny and scary, but. . . it’s not the formulaic, cookie cutter bullshit they’re comfortable making. They want me to be a nice guy. . . I want to be a bad guy. . . A really bad guy with no Penn at all. Just a scary, scary, immoral, sick, sick f’in bad guy.

This movie is from my heart. I love it as much as anything I’ve ever done. It’s a movie that I really want to see and it won’t take much money by movie standards. But it’ll still cost more money than I have by myself. And I’m not doing this to profit. I have a job. I just want to get this movie made and get it seen. I think it’ll be a blast. And if you’re reading this far, “Director’s Cut” will be a blast for you too.

I’ve assembled the perfect team. Adam Rifkin is the exact right director for this. He has tons of experience. Watch his movie, “Look” and you’ll understand how perfect we are for each other. We go together like Jagger & Richards, peanut butter & jelly, or. . . Penn & Teller. . . well, you know what I mean. And if you help us make this movie, I’ll make sure to put your name in the ending credits.

There are lots of other rewards for contributors so check out the pitch video below, and then visit FundAnything for more information. If you dig it, help poor Penn unleash his inner bad guy!

Adam Rifkin and Penn Jillette Teaming for Director's Cut

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