It’s Kill or Be Killed in Mobile Fighting Game Rage Warriors

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It's Kill Or Be Killed In Mobile Fighting Game Rage WarriorsThe latest offering in the mobile fighting game market is Reliance Games’ Rage Warriors, set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where humanity is an endangered, scarred and mutated species.

A little off mentally due to decades of war, the survivors (known as “humanoids”) only love one thing – bloody spectator-driven battles known as “The Fights”.

Rage Warriors features include:

  • Intense graphics that depict the ruthless and bloody struggle of each battle.
  • Arcade-style fighting action that pits contenders against one another in a button-pounding battle of kicks, punches, blocks and specials!
  • Combo Creator lets players create their own unique mix of debilitating attacks and customize their fighting style.
  • Over 30 different bladed weapons in four distinct categories.
  • Design your own fierce gladiator with intimidating faces, hairstyles, and tattoos along with unique armor and weapon load-outs.

    Wanna see a trailer? Of course you do!

    As the trailer looked pretty sick, I had to hit up the fine folks at Reliance Games to find out what up…

    Dread Central: What inspires Reliance Games to make high quality mobile games?

    Reliance Games: Our goal is to deliver a unique and fun experience that players won’t be able to find anywhere else. The players are what ultimately motivates us. It’s always a joy to see the reactions from our fans when we debut a new game or release new content for a current title that’s based on their feedback. High quality graphics, fun gameplay and a solid user experience are key to making sure that our users come back to keep playing.

    Dread Central: Why mobile games over console?

    Reliance Games: Console games benefit from bigger game files and faster processers, with far greater budgets as well. We strive to deliver console-quality experiences to mobile devices and the result is Rage Warriors, a ruthless fighter that pits players against some of the most psychotic characters they’ll ever play in a mobile fighter.Today, more players play games via their phones than on console or dedicated handheld gaming devices. We want to provide console-quality games to consumers on their personal devices, so that they can play whenever and wherever. Although Rage Warriors is only available on mobile devices, we maintain the quality, fun, and engagement found in the living room.

    Dread Central: Who are your influences (film, comic books, tv, vg etc)?

    Reliance Games: Rage Warriors’ setting has been very highly inspired by post apocalyptic movies such as Mad Max, The Road, The Book of Eli and Children of Men amongst others. Video games that have had a definitive impact are Fallout and Rage.

    Dread Central: “Rage Warriors is a jarring and fierce mobile fighting game that takes inspiration, both in graphics and story, from classic hardcore console games” – can you say which games the inspiration for RW comes from?

    Reliance Games: Rage Warriors is the result of our longstanding love for fighting games. Gamers love head-to-head fighting games in the arcades, and we wanted to bring this experience onto mobile. We’ve translated the hardcore action found in these games into Rage Warriors.

    Dread Central: What kind of experience do you want gamers to take away from after playing RW?

    Reliance Games: Rage Warriors is unlike many other fighters, as players customize their very own fighter from scratch. We want players to enjoy the classic fighting game experience and feel attached to their fighter, making the character uniquely their own with custom looks and combos.

    Dread Central: What makes RW different from the other mobile fighting apps?

    Reliance Games: Whereas other fighting games focus solely on the game’s combat, we have devoted a lot of time and effort to ensure that players have things to do beyond just fighting. There is a fantastic progression system (complete with boss battles) and you earn money in each fight which can be spent on cool equipment, entirely changing the way you can play the game. Tired of fighting with a sword? That axe not, er… cutting it for you? No problem, just switch to gauntlets or a mighty staff. What’s better is that each of these weapons includes a unique set of in-game moves.

    Then there is the “combo creator” which lets you create your own combos by selecting a sequence of attacks that can be quickly executed in a fight by tapping a button. Combine this with the fact that different weapons have their own unique attacks, and you open up a world of near-infinite possibilities.

    Dread Central: How many combo creations are possible with Combo Creator?

    Reliance Games: There are literally millions of combinations, but not all of them are effective, based on your weapon of choice. So it’s up to players to experiment with what works and what does not. In the end, you are still left with thousands of good combinations, and we cannot wait to see what the community comes up with.

    Dread Central: Will there be new characters and weapons in the updates (if there ARE any updates planned)?

    Reliance Games: We are focused on players enjoying Rage Warriors for months to come. We’ll continue to enhance the game with additional game features, customization and different weapon types while maintaining the unique functionality of each warrior and weapon.

    Rage Warriors is available now for iPhone/iPad and rings in at $2.99!

    Rage Warriors

    Rage Warriors

    Rage Warriors

    Rage Warriors

    Rage Warriors

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