Ben Stiller Looking to Climb the Horror Mountain

Ben Stiller Looking to Climb the Horror MountainOctober is known to be a month full of ghoulish surprises, but one that no one saw coming is that Ben Stiller is involved in yet another horror project (the previous being the comedic RentaGhost). This could very well be another sign of the impending Apocalypse.

According to Deadline 20th Century Fox has preemptively acquired The Mountain, a spec script by Helen Childress that Stiller will develop to direct. Stiller and his Red Hour partner Stuart Cornfeld will produce. It’s a re-team for Stiller and Childress, who wrote Reality Bites.

The project is a horror story based on characters from Summer, the novel by Edith Wharton. Set in the early 1900s, The Mountain revolves around a young woman who struggles to confront her destiny after stumbling upon a mysterious object that forces her to examine the secrets of her past.

It’s a sophisticated horror premise said to be in the vein of Rosemary’s Baby. Look for more on this one soon.

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Source: Deadline



Vanvance1's picture

Stiller is a talented director. Tropic Thunder and Zoolander both demonstrated some serious technical skills and an ability to tell a story. I'm good with him taking a shot at horror.

Submitted by Vanvance1 on Fri, 10/21/2011 - 3:51am.
theGoldenSimatar's picture

I will admit I'm curious. He did produce 'The Ruins'; which was certainly a shocker.

Submitted by theGoldenSimatar on Fri, 10/21/2011 - 1:53am.

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