Director William Hellfire Wants to Put You on His Upsidedown Cross

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Director William Hellfire Wants to Put You on His Upsidedown CrossWhen the director of An Erotic Werewolf in London and Duck! The Carbine High Massacre announces that he’s working on a horror movie, your ears perk up and you listen, am I right? Well, he needs a little bit of your help.

The movie is called Upsidedown Cross, and the director is William Hellfire. He is looking to raise $6,000 to get the film shot and is offering up some of the usual incentives to make you bust out your credit card. You can learn more and donate your hard-earned dollars by visiting the Upsidedown Cross crowd-funding campaign. You’ll also find the pitch video below, which features Hellfire yapping on as the star looks like she wants to be anywhere other than seated next to him. If the video doesn’t pump you up for the project, then I simply do not know what will.

From the director of Duck! The Carbine High Massacre and The Devil’s Bloody Playthings comes a shocking new tale of demonic possession and secular evil.

Upsidedown Cross stars Erin Russ (Porkchop) as Nadine, the drug-addled victim of religious mania, and David Yow, lead singer of acclaimed alt rock band Jesus Lizard, as her tormented would-be redeemer. Additional cast includes Colleen Cohan (Mr. Hush, Green Monster), Tina Krause (Erotic Vampire in Paris, Bad Biology), Charles Moran (singer of Love Cinema vol.6 and Dead Go West), Mark DeMicco, C.J. Marko, and adult film star Rick Savage. The screenplay for Upsidedown Cross is by William Hellfire and Mike Hunchback. Special FX for Upsidedown Cross are provided by John Dickie (Slaughter Tales), and production will take place in Ringwood, NJ, in September and October of 2013.

Abandoned, abused by the police, and in the throes of withdrawal, Nadine, a drug addicted young prostitute, returns to her childhood home and the mother she ran away from. Nadine’s mother, Delilah, a fanatical Christian who believes demons have possessed her daughter, searches for a “cure” for Nadine’s erratic behavior. When she finds a rogue preacher willing to exorcise her daughter for a fee, neither realizes they have invited the devil into their home. While her mother turns a blind eye to the bizarre practices unfolding in her own home, Nadine, wracked with mental and physical pain, has no choice but to put up with the preacher’s increasingly violent charade.

Upsidedown Cross

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