Help Fund Tom Savini’s Vacation to Death Island

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Help Fund Tom Savini's Vacation to Death IslandIt’s a sad day when a legend like Tom Savini has to take to the internet to get a film funded, isn’t it? Though I guess that’s just a reflection of the movie business these days, where even folks like Zach Braff and Spike Lee have to beg fans for money, the same way a teenager who wants to film a zombie movie in his mom’s backyard does.

So… Tom Savini needs money. And a whole lot of it.

Though he’s been talking about it for years now, Savini is looking to finally move forward on Death Island, his return to zombie movies that he’s looking to direct. After making the Night of the Living Dead remake in 1990, he vowed to never make a zombie movie again unless he could come up with a way to make zombies scary again. And he promises that he’s found that way.

Billed as a “fresh and exciting take on zombies,” filled with “some of the most unique and horrifying zombie kills ever filmed,” Death Island is set to bring the undead back to their Haitian roots, with a story that sees a small film production team visiting an island that’s overrun by zombies. Legend has it that when American troops invaded the island many years prior, Haitian shamans created an army of flesh-eaters to protect their people, and as the film crew finds out, some legends are true.

Though the script is written and genre icons like Tony Todd and Tiffany Shepis are attached to star, Savini needs a million bucks to get the film in the can, and he’s taken to Indigogo in an effort to raise the money. The campaign runs through October 15th, and it’s going to take a whole lot of support from a whole lot of horror fans in order to reach its goal. As always, donations can nab you some pretty cool perks, including production credits, autographs and the chance to appear on-screen as a zombie.

Check out Savini’s pitch video for the project below, and head over to the Death Island Indigogo campaign to learn more and/or donate. If you’re too broke to help out, like I am, then join the army in spreading the word about the campaign, which is just as important.

Personally, I’m pulling for this one to get funded. Savini’s proven himself to be a talented filmmaker, and I’d love to see what he can do with a zombie movie nowadays. Even if I am kind of tired of hearing about this project, which never seems to get off the ground. Perhaps it’s finally time to stop talking and start filming. We can only hope!

Death Island

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