Get Ready to Get Itchy! 10 Movies That Bug You Out!

6. One of those huge monsters inspired by Them! would show up just one year later in 1955 to build on the giant insect film genre. Tarantula went right for the jugular, preying on America's arachnophobia with a gargantuan spider on a rampage. Although the F/X make today's audiences chuckle, Tarantula was quite cutting edge for the time. And considering it was nearly 60 years ago, we've got to take our hats off to the filmmakers. An enjoyable classic.

7. And as far as giant bugs go, no one could lay claim on the title of Giant Bug Hall of Famer more righteously than the one and only Mothra. The veteran of 17 films and several video games, Mothra has been appearing in movies since her self-titled original in 1961. Her battles with Godzilla are legendary, and although technically she must be thought of as a hero, there is no denying the creep factor of a bug that damn big, good guy or not.

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Great list! I adore pretty much every movie on this list. Always happy to see THEM shown some love because I think it's easily the best of the giant (blank) genre.

Submitted by The Buz on Sun, 10/02/2011 - 11:09pm.

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