Get Ready to Get Itchy! 10 Movies That Bug You Out!

4. Another memorable swarm came in a segment of 1982's Creepshow. The final tale of the film, written by Stephen King specifically for the film, was entitled "They're Creeping Up On You". The fact that E.G. Marshall as the lead character was an obsessive germ-o-phobe made the final attack by a sea of cockroaches that much more repulsive. Honestly, is there anything worse than a head full of roaches?

5. And we must not forget to mention the giant pests of the '50s. These were the true forerunners of the genre. And due to the fact that the people of that time were completely freaked out by the ever-present Cold War and threat of nuclear disaster, this fear was the origin of some of the best giant bugs. This was the case in Them!. A true trailblazer for the genre, even being nominated for an Academy Award, Them! was the story of an attack by nuclear enhanced ants which would go on to inspire countless giant bugs in the future.

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Great list! I adore pretty much every movie on this list. Always happy to see THEM shown some love because I think it's easily the best of the giant (blank) genre.

Submitted by The Buz on Sun, 10/02/2011 - 11:09pm.

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