Don’t Enter Devil’s Pass Without Reading the True Story in Mountain of the Dead: The Dyatlov Pass Incident

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Don't Enter Devil's Pass Without Reading the True Story in Mountain of the Dead: The Dyatlov Pass IncidentWe’ve been talking about Renny Harlin’s Devil’s Pass (f/k/a The Dyatlov Pass Incident) for a while, and if your interest has been piqued in the true story on which it’s based, then you’ll want to check out the new book Mountain of the Dead.

Mountain of the Dead: The Dyatlov Pass Incident is by Keith McCloskey, and it’s being released October 1st by The History Press. (As for the film, IFC Midnight is releasing it on August 23rd.)

This eerie and well-researched tale follows the mysterious events of February 1, 1959, which left nine young ski tourists mysteriously dead in the mountains, many with violent internal injuries which were said to be caused by “an unknown elemental force.” Mountain of the Dead presents and analyzes all of the present theories about what happened that night—including military testing, supernatural beings, and the yeti—and additionally includes interviews with members of the search party and the only survivor as well as photographs from the victims’ roll of film.

The Dyatlov Pass incident resulted in nine unsolved, mysterious deaths; Keith McCloskey attempts to decipher the bizzare events that led up to that night and the subsequent aftermath

In January of 1959, ten experienced young skiers set out to travel to a mountain named Mount Otorten in the far north of Russia. Otorten translates to “don’t go there” in the local Mansi language. During the trip, one of the skiers fell ill and returned. The remaining nine lost their way and ended up on another mountain slope known as Kholat Syakhl, or “Mountain of the Dead.” On the night of February 1, 1959, something or someone caused the skiers to flee their tent in terror, using knives to slash their way out instead of using the entrance. When they failed to return home, search parties were sent out and their bodies were found, some with massive internal injuries but all without external marks. The autopsy report showed that the injuries were caused by “an unknown compelling force.” Subsequently, the area was sealed off for years by the authorities, and the deaths and events of that night remained unexplained. Benefiting from original research carried out in Russia, this book attempts to explain what happened to the nine skiers who lost their lives in what has come to be known as the “Dyatlov Pass Incident.”

Don't Enter Devil's Pass Without Reading the True Story in Mountain of the Dead: The Dyatlov Pass Incident

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    Just watched Devis Pass well done by Harlin , great sets and atmosphere liked where it went in the end. Not much gore, more of a scifi flick than horror but recommend this to you other fiends .

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