Pink Slime Is the Last Thing You Need to Worry About in These ‘What If’ McDonald’s Horror Happy Meals

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Pink Slime Is the Last Thing You Need to Worry About in These 'What If' McDonald's Horror Happy MealsI remember the joys of McDonald’s Happy Meals from when I was a tiny Creepy. I loved ripping into the box, securing the toy, and stuffing my face. Of course this would be followed by bouts of explosive diarrhea that would make Al Roker shart-shy, but, oh, to be young again, right?

Okay, enough shit talking. Pinterest user Newt Clements has assembled dozens of movie-based fictitious Happy Meals. Click the link below for the whole enchilada, which includes lots of non-horror related ones, too, such as Scarface, Blade Runner, Labyrinth, and even “Doctor Who.”

Great work, Newt. My inner child still wants to eat this up. If only fast food companies had a big enough pair to offer these wondrous things instead of inundating us with poorly rendered renditions of Peyo’s Smurfs.

Check ’em out!

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You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.