New Lost Planet 3 Trailer Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

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New Lost Planet 3 Trailer Will Make Your Blood Run ColdThere’s a show on Cartoon Network called “Dude, What Would Happen?” which explores what would happen if you did silly shit like fill a swimming pool with pudding or other kid-friendly fare…

Spark Unlimited and Capcom take that concept and turn it up to “holy fuck” with their latest trailer for Lost Planet 3, titled “Frozen To Death”.

LP3 takes place long before the first game, with planet of E.D.N. III still in ice-age mode rather than the tropical climes we see in LP2, so we’ll get to see the first set of humans sent by NEVEC (“Neo-Venus Construction company”) to colonize the planet.

In LP3, we’ll meet Jim Peyton, colonist and NEVEC employee sent to mine the planet and send the resulting materials back to Earth (where his family still lives); as the game progresses, Jim begins to see what evil hides behind the giant curtain known as NEVEC.

So what WOULD happen if you were trapped in severe freezing conditions of Antarctica or the planet E.D.N. III?


Gotta love the Werner Herzog-like narrator, haha.

After spending 17 years of my life in Alaska and another 12 in Idaho, I’ve had my fair share of frostbite, freezing my ass off in conditions that make dashboards and windshields crack at a mere tappity tap tap…so the only way you’ll ever get me to be in anyplace with snow again is: I get to leave after a couple days or in a video game LIKE Lost Planet 3.


On the plus side, Lost Planet 3 hits 360, PS3 and PC this August 27th.

To learn more, visit the official Capcom website.

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