Gear Up for the Holliston Season 2 Finale with Dyver Down’s First Music Video!

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Gear Up for the Holliston Season 2 Finale with Dyver Down's First Music Video!If you haven’t been watching “Holliston” over on FEARnet, now in its second season, then you have been missing out on a show that has proven itself time and time again to be a real treat for horror fans.

One of the highlights of every episode is an always hilarious appearance by Dee Snider, who in the show plays Lance Rockett, a character that is essentially a parody of himself. Lance is typically rocking women’s clothing, hitting on Adam and Joe, and ranting and raving about Dyver Down, the cover band that he’s the lead singer of.

In celebration of this week’s finale of the second season of “Holliston” comes a very special treat in the form of Dyver Down’s very first music video for their soon to be hit song “Love It Down Your Throat.” Check out the video below, which is guaranteed to put glitter on your chest!

From the Press Release
In celebration of the “HOLLISTON” Season 2 finale, the music video for “Lance Rockett” (played by Dee Snider on the show) and his Van Halen Tribute band DYVER DOWN’s first original song “LOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT” is now available online. Chock-full of genre cameos, the video will be shown only partially during tomorrow night’s Season 2 finale episode (Episode 2.10 “Farm Festival”; 8/6/13 air date); however, the version available online is the full, uncut video.

Holliston Season 2

The song was written by Adam Green (HATCHET, FROZEN), Bear McCreary (THE WALKING DEAD), and Brendan McCreary (YOUNG BEAUTIFUL IN A HURRY) and features a glitter-ific over-the-top performance by Dee Snider. The music video was directed by Cody Blue Snider. The song is now available for purchase on iTunes for only 99 cents.

According to series creator Adam Green, “Ever since ‘Lance Rockett’ was first introduced on ‘HOLLISTON,’ it has been inevitable that at some point we would have a musical performance from the overtly sexual, cross-dressing, and 80’s-metal-loving character. With Mass Cable Network on the verge of being shut down this season, Lance has been focused on a more realistic career of writing “original Van Halen covers” and “Adam” and “Joe” agree to show his music video before unveiling their short film SHINPADS (“When they score…you die.”) at their self-produced film festival in the Season 2 finale.”

In last week’s episode (Episode 2.9 “Kevin’s Wedding”), “Laura” dropped it on “Joe” that she had been accepted to an art school in Germany, “Corri” had a meltdown over her confusing relationship with “Adam”, “Oderus” tried to move out of Adam’s closet, and Mass Cable Network was on the verge of being shut down for good. After tomorrow night’s Season 2 finale (which features musical performances from not only Snider but also Corri English), nothing will ever be the same for the characters of “HOLLISTON.”

“HOLLISTON” airs on FEARnet Tuesday nights at 7pm PST, 10pm EST and then hits FEARnet On-Demand the following day. Every Thursday, FEARnet offers that week’s episode for free on for one week. The full second season (including the hour long Christmas Special) will be available on iTunes and Amazon later this month.

Holliston Season 2

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