Dig Some First Details and a Peek at the Teaser Poster for The Pick-Axe Murders III

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Dig Some First Details and a Peek at the Teaser Poster for The Pick-Axe Murders IIIOkay, you’re making a horror movie. You want it to be gritty and dirty and shock viewers. What’s the perfect title for the film? First Week of Winter Films settled on The Pick-Axe Murders III. That sounds pretty good to us.

Marc Schoenbach designed the teaser poster for the upcoming film (see below), which is actually called The Pick-Axe Murders, Part III: The Final Chapter. Principal photography has begun on this movie, which was written and directed by Jeffrey Sumrall and stars Tiffany Shepis, A. Michael Baldwin, Roxy Vandiver and Kelly Byrns.

From the Press Release
First Week of Winter Films is proud to announce that principal photography on their latest film is underway. Writer/director Jeremy Sumrall (writer/director of Possum Walk and the award-winning short film Stay With Me) is ready to deliver a slasher opus full of “boobs and blood: two great tastes that taste great together!”

Dubbed The Pick-Axe Murders Part III: The Final Chapter, this movie sprang forth from an idea Sumrall began working on about six years ago, even before he starred as the masked killer “The Beast” in Sweatshop. “I had the idea to do a slasher sequel to a film that never existed, as if it was made in the slasher heyday of the 80s, and just languished in video purgatory on a dusty shelf somewhere, but I got sidetracked when the idea for Possum Walk won out instead, so that became my first feature as a writer/director, and then I produced Jacob with Odyssee Pictures, so the script for Pick-Axe just sort of lay stagnant for a while,” Sumrall said. “It wasn’t until my good friend Marc Schoenbach of Sadist Art Designs mocked up a teaser poster for it that the ideas – and blood – really started flowing.”

Set in the late 80s, The Pick-Axe Murders revolves around the story of Alex Black, a serial killer believed to be the son of Satan himself, which would explain how he keeps coming back again and again. “I didn’t set out to reinvent the wheel or anything. It’s a slasher flick, not an art house film,” Sumrall said. “It’s just my love letter to the films I grew up on.” The killer stalks a group of teenagers on a road trip to see their favorite hair metal band play a farewell show in a small town.

Not merely content with doing another ‘no-budget weekend warrior’ movie, Sumrall reached out to several genre vets to bring his screenplay to life. “After casting several amazing Texas-based actors to play the main group of teenagers,” Sumrall said, “I realized I was onto something special. So, I looked into casting ‘Horror Icons’.” Leading the charge is scream queen legend Tiffany Shepis playing the role of Adrienne, a woman who “…has dealt with Alex Black before, and it’s left her with more than a few scars – emotional as well as physical.” Joining her as small town lawman Sheriff Mathews is none other than A. Michael Baldwin, who horror nerds no doubt will recognize from his role as Mike in the Phantasm films. “Casting Michael Baldwin and Tiffany She is a dream come true. I’ve been very fortunate in my horror career to work with people I’ve been a fan of, and this is certainly got to be the coolest thing to happen to me. I mean, my movie will have one of the only women who actually deserves the title ‘Scream Queen’ standing alongside someone who has gone toe-to-toe with The Tall Man!”

In addition to Shepis and Baldwin, TNA wrestler Hernandez has joined the cast as Victor, and SiriusXM personality (and writer for the Howard Stern Show) Sal Governale has joined as Lou.

For the bloodthirsty, Sumrall also has a surprise in store. “We actually filmed the opening scene a couple of months ago. We’ve shown it in public to a couple of trusted groups, and we’ve gotten a great response from it. The natural next step is to unleash the opening scene to the horror public, so we’re going to be posting it online very soon, just to whet everyone’s appetites. Stay tuned to the The Pick-Axe Murders Facebook page for details on how you can see it!”

In the summer of 1982, a group of campers was horribly slaughtered at Camp Arapaho in the sleepy little town of Woodland Hills. The 10 gruesome murders were blamed on Alex Black, a mysterious man believed to have been the son of Satan himself, whom the townspeople had hunted down and lynched nearly 20 years prior. A young woman named Adrienne was able to defeat Alex and put a stop to the killing spree.

One year later, a series of mysterious killings at the Meadow Falls Sanitarium (where Adrienne had spent the last year as a patient) was once again linked to the mysterious Alex Black. Twenty patients and staff members were horribly slaughtered in increasingly graphic and brutal ways. In the end, a young man named George Miner, along with Adrienne, was able to defeat Alex Black, sending him back to the foul hell from whence he came.

For five years, Alex Black has been silent, and the town of Woodland Hills has been peaceful. However, tonight is the night of the death moon, and someone has found a way to bring Alex Black back to life…and Alex will not stop until he paints the town blood red.

The Pick-Axe Murders, Part III: The Final Chapter

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