#SDCC 2013: Everything We Learned About Teen Wolf’s Season 3

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#SDCC 2013: Everything We Learned About Teen Wolf's Season 3During the press roundtable interviews at SDCC for MTV’s “Teen Wolf”, we were able to chat with most of the cast but, as usual, learned the most about the show from executive producer Jeff Davis.

[SPOILER ALERT] If you haven’t watched last night’s episode of “Teen Wolf” yet, skip Holland Roden’s (Lydia) section!

Charlie Carver (Ethan), Max Carver (Aidan), Daniel Sharman (Isaac)
– The Carver twins auditioned for both parts because the producers didn’t know which directions they wanted to go into at that time.
– All three of them had to have a hard-core physical training regimen to prepare for the show.

#SDCC 2013: MTV's Teen Wolf TV Show

Crystal Reed (Allison)
– Crystal thought that Allison’s revenge-seeking storyline was normal, especially for a teenager at that age who lost a member of her family and despite the fans’ dislike of that story arc.
– At the beginning of the season, she sat with executive producer Davis to talk about her character’s progression, and for this season he used Lara Croft as a strong character for Allison to model after.

#SDCC 2013: MTV's Teen Wolf TV Show

Tyler Hoechlin (Derek)
– To him, being in wolf makeup was a bizarrely freeing experience because he would lose that sense of self and the judgment that came with it so he was not worried about looking like an idiot.
– It takes 2-1/2 hours to put on the wolf makeup.
– Next season he’ll have a different physical preparation when compared to this season. That’s all he could say.

#SDCC 2013: MTV's Teen Wolf TV Show

Holland Roden (Lydia)
– She enjoys that her character is no longer as hated as before.
– [SPOILER ALERT!] Finally, after 2-1/2 seasons, Lydia was revealed to be a Banshee in last night’s episode.
– Holland guessed the answer because she figured out executive producer Jeff Davis’ methods after working closely with him for several years now.
– She disputed any rumors about a musical episode since she can’t sing.

#SDCC 2013: MTV's Teen Wolf TV Show

Tyler Posey (Scott)
– Scott, the character, is ever growing and maturing as well as being stressed out consistently with new responsibilities and expectations. Tyler, the actor, can relate to that, especially being a lead on the show.
– The “Teen Wolf” tattoos on his arm are fake.

#SDCC 2013: MTV's Teen Wolf TV Show

Jeff Davis – Executive Producer
– The show is taking chances with crossing genres (horror, romance, etc.) and not making it cheesy.
– The pace for this season was amped up necessarily because they introduced many new characters very quickly.
– The show’s format has been to tell a 12-episode movie with the first act in the first 3 episodes, the middle 6 episodes serving as the second act, and the final act in the last 3 episodes. The formula has been: (a) a revelation around Episode 3 or 4; (b) a big twist reveal around Episode 9; and then (c) climaxing in the final 3 episodes.
– The show is keeping to 12-episode story arcs even with the larger season order in order to avoid filler episodes.
– The producers had to be nimble enough to change a storyline midway through when Gage Golightly (Erica) booked a pilot and was not returning to “Teen Wolf.” They would like to have her return for another scene to clarify some story points.

#SDCC 2013: MTV's Teen Wolf TV Show

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#SDCC 2013: MTV's Teen Wolf TV Show

Teen Wolf Season 3 on MTV Television

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