NewBev to Present Midnight Showing of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood on July 27th

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NewBev to Present Midnight Showing of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood on July 27thIf you’re in the Los Angeles area and you happen to be in the mood for some mediocre Friday the 13th action this weekend, you might be interested in a midnight revival screening of the Paramount era’s darkest day!

In all seriousness, I enjoy Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood. It just happens to be my least favorite of the eight Paramount distributions. But that wouldn’t be enough to prevent me from attending this screening if it was happening in my backyard. Incidentally, there was a screening of Jason Takes Manhattan in my backyard earlier this month. It happened to fall on one of two weekends that I was out of town, and I’m still incredibly bitter about it.

At any rate, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood turned 25 this year. So go celebrate with not just a 35mm print but also an introduction and brief Q&A with the film’s editor, Barry Zetlin.

By now I fully expect any self-respecting horror fan in the Los Angeles area to be familiar with the New Beverly Cinema. I’ve never been to LA, and even I know where it is at this point. For the one guy who has no idea: it’s located at 7165 West Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, one block west of La Brea. This screening is hosted by Brian Collins of Badass Digest (and Horror Movie a Day). For more info visit the New Beverly Cinema website or check out Horror Movie a Day.

You can also purchase tickets right now by heading to Brown Paper Tickets.

NewBev to Present Midnight Showing of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood on July 27th

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  • LSD Zombie

    I have to agree with Fini on this one. Great Jason make-up aside, it has some of the weakest kills in the series; the sleeping bag kill is still pretty awesome though. New Blood would have been a classic if an undead Terry Kiser did battle with Jason!

    New Beginning wins hands down based on these scenes:
    Death Over Candy Bar
    Voorhees Boobies!
    Robot Dance to Pseudo Echo’s His Eyes
    White Trash Lady Makes a Stew

    • frank_dracman

      It has the weakest kills, but at least they tried to take the story in a new direction. I’ll give you the robot dance, Violet was really cute but white trash lady (and her re-re son) was beyond annoying. If only they would get their shit together and release part 7 in it’s uncut glory. A man can dream, can’t he?

      • Uncle Creepy

        I dunno…. I’m thinking Part 8 had the weakest kills. They were completely bloodless. As for an uncut part 7, I can assure you, it will never happen as the footage was destroyed. What you see in the special features of the DVD is all there is. Sucks big time.

        • frank_dracman

          Part 8 might have some weak kills, but Hodder throwing Ken Kirzinger around always puts a smile on my face.

          And man, don’t crush my dreams about an uncut part 7. I want to believe. You know, like Scully.

          • arandomthought

            *grabs frankys dreams and throws puts them in a compactor*

            I would still like to see the kills added back into it.

  • frank_dracman

    “Mediocre”? “Least favorite”? I take great issue with those remarks, sir. How am I to take anything you say seriously if you think New Beginning is better than New Blood? You should be publicly shamed and ran out of town by angry peasants.

    Man, if I could be there I would. Part 7 has the best Jason makeup, hands down. It’s in my top 3 from Paramount. I really have to move out of the sticks…

    • Matt Serafini

      A NEW BEGINNING is akin to a religious experience.

      It’s one of my favorite things ever.

      • LifeMi

        A New Beginning is awful; bland kills, generic direction, the worst acting of the Paramount entries, and Manfredini’s worst score. I can never understand how anyone can call it a good movie. I’d gladly take Part VII, which is also pretty bad, over Part 5 any day of the week.

        • arandomthought

          I almost feel bad saying I prefer jason x for the campiness. New york after that, then maybe a new beginning.

    • aliensharkboy

      Indeed. New Blood is one of the only Jason films I enjoy!