Dread Central Turns 7!

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Dread Central Turns 7!It’s hard to believe seven years have passed since Dread Central opened its doors on July 4th, 2006, declaring our independence from those who were holding us back, but alas… it is so. This past year has been stranger than most, but truth be told, that’s how we like it.

Each year I personally take this time to acknowledge staffers past and present so please allow me my usual time to indulge myself. First, our foundation … The Foywonder, Andrew Kasch, Buz Wallick, Scott Johnson, Mr. Dark, and Nomad. These cats have been here since Day One and helped build this nuthouse brick by brick. I don’t care whether they contribute a lot or a little. The simple fact that they’ve stood by us so long always makes me realize how truly lucky and blessed we are. Gracias for your never-ending loyalty.

A special shout-out to the following DC soldiers that have been waving our flag for years – Heather Wixson, Scott Hallam, Brian Smith, Matt Fini, Sean Decker, Jason “Jinx” Jenkins, Amanda Dyar, and Gareth “Pestilence” Jones. We wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful as we are if not for your dedication and work ethic. You are loved beyond words and appreciated more than you’ll ever fully know. Thank you all so very much.

Then there’s our rogues’ gallery consisting of the always kick-ass Brad McHargue, Drew Tinnin, Crix Lee, Serena Whitney, Aaron Williams, Jonathan Ryan, Alex DiVincenzo, and Steve Kalebson. These guys bust their asses in the field and beyond for us. Thanks for all that you do and have done. Please know that even though you don’t contribute on the regular, you’re still very much vital parts of the machine that makes Dread Central work.

In terms of the backbone of the entire operation – Jon Condit, KW Low, and Debi Moore. If not for these three, Dread Central simply wouldn’t exist. If our readers are our blood, then it’s those three who are our heart. Much love.

Still with us? Tired of the back patting yet? Well too bad because here comes some more.

You guys are some of the most lovably insane readers in the world. Whether it be Kidd Capone taunting us, Terminal keeping us on our toes, David Fullam insisting that we hate Rob Zombie, or our regulars like James Coker, AlienSharkBoy, Frank_Dracman, theGoldenSimatar, Screamz, LSD Zombie, Nazo, MagusMaleficus, RottenJesus, PrairieGhost, Diavolo, LifeMi, Jerel Of The Dead, Orlovsky and of course our Mexican brother from another mother “El Soccer Dude” J. Oviedo… you guys are nothing short of rock and fucking roll. Thank you for making the Dread Central community what it is. And to those of you who read every day but don’t comment… speak up! We know you’re there! Get in the friggin’ mix already!

My point is…. no matter who you are or how often you visit… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… you are the reason we are allowed to exist, and we’ll NEVER ever forget that or take it for granted.

Here’s to another year! Thank you.

Dread Central Turns 7!

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  • Lino

    Happy birthday you filthy animals.. I’ve been around for 7 years and 1 week apparently. I guess I should put an avatar up or something, or you know, not bother.

  • goo_goo_muck

    Wow time has flown…. Seems like yesterday I was posting on fango boards then when y’all left I signed up with the site that shall not be named but never really posted there… then here after that…been lurking daily ever since… I regularly take long drives so your podcasts have all been listened to numerous times over and they never get old… keep doing what youre doing and I look forward to another seven years…

  • Brad McHargue

    I am absolutely honored to be a member of this wonderful website. I have nothing but thanks and love to give to Uncle Creepy, Debi, and the rest of the gang. You guys fucking rule.

  • Mr. Gray

    I don’t comment too often (I guess I should), but I’ve been reading the site every day since the beginning. Thanks and congratulations, you guys!

  • The Woman In Black

    Very proud to be part of such a great community of horror fans – and we all plan to be around a helluva lot longer, too! No 7-year itch here! xo

  • The Reaper

    Haven’t been too active here in years in terms of posting, but I always keep an eye on you all. Been here since the olden days of the Fangoria forums, and even though most don’t remember me, you all have a special place in my heart.

    Happy Birthday, you guys deserve it.

  • theGoldenSimatar

    Yay I got a shout out hehe. Man this makes me feel so old seeing how far Dread Central has come since it’s origins and it being one of the few sites I could access in high school to it’s independent beginnings. I can’t even remember how the site looked at the time but one thing was for sure it was awesome.

    Congrats and keep up the good work. I’m excited for another 7 years…and hopefully more Foycasts 🙂

  • nazo

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the years of turning me on to the best horror & b movies out there! (and the crap that I watch and think “what was Kasch/Fini/Creepy on when he recommended this?” 🙂

  • will graham

    Happy Bday!

  • James Coker

    YAY!!! IM MENTIONED!!!! 🙂
    I remember back then when I wanted to get my horror movie news I would go on gorezone.net and Bloody-disgusting.com and it would always leave me feeling like I had to break a chair. But all that changed back in 2008 when I discovered this wonderful site through listening to Dinner For Fiends and then going on regularly…Now I go on everyday to get my horror news and eagerly await the next Dinner For fiends. it was also a blast to run into Creepy,debbie and Buz at Monsterpalooza this year. all of your guys witty,thoughtful, passionate and downright hilarious views on horror and upcoming horror is probably thee best part of Dreadcentral and I am very grateful to have discovered this site years ago. Keep up the amazing work you fucking lunatics!

    and to Uncle Creepy….I FUCK YOU BACK!!!!!

  • Rob

    I still remember when I first found this place. I followed a google link back in February 2007 to your DFF about how much Blood and Chocolate sucked and I’ve been a dedicated follower ever since. Congrats on all the success and happy anniversary! Here’s to many many more anniversaries!

  • Shambling_in_Bandages

    Congrats to all the guys and gals at DC. Keep up the excellent work. You know we all love you, right?

  • aliensharkboy

    Congrats! I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that Dread Central turned 6. I may not have been on here for very long, but it’s definitely become an everyday visit to keep me happy and entertained. You guys rock way more! And here’s to another 7 years!

  • Rottenjesus

    What a DREADful Anniversary! Congratulations on several severed years of providing the best, the most honest and the most horrifying news on the macabre and the plain ol’ fucked up genres we love so much.

    I love all you boils and ghouls with all the gooey black crap that powers my heart.

    P.S. NICE!

  • frank_dracman

    Merry Birthiversary! Yeah, I’m copyrighting that shit, so don’t use it without my consent. Like lifemi said, you’ve turned us on to some awesome movies. Without you, I would never have discovered the brilliant insanity of Wild Zero or Versus, just to name a few. And while I don’t always agree with Foy, his write up on Sharknado got me mega hyped, I cannot wait to see it. Thanks one and all for a dark, creepy home for us to hang our hearts. Literally.

  • PrairieGhost

    Thanks for all the years of good reading and the great community!

  • Uncle Creepy

    Thanks for the well wishes guys. And sorry if I forgot to mention all of the readers names (Gus how could I forget you)? I blame it on past usage of drugs, alcohol, and Nutella. Love you fuckers.

  • Terminal

    Dread Central is the only horror site I go to for major movie news. I’m still a huge fan of Foywonder, Dr. Gash, Sirand, and the one two punch of Creepy and WIB. Happy birthday, happy anniversary, and don’t stop being you.

  • Gus Bjork

    Happy Birthday!

    Although I rarely comment the last few years I’ve been around since day 1 of the site (following the revolution…what a strange few days that was)and make a stop to read the reviews and articles. And the podcasts are a staple on my ipod.

    Thanks to everyone here for all you do.


    • Gus Bjork

      By the way, what ever happened to Johnny Butane?

      • Uncle Creepy

        Hey Gus, sorry I missed you In the thanks. You’ve been here forever. I just brain farted really. Butane left journalism for personal reasons. He will always be missed, but we respect his decision and hope he’s still kicking ass with whatever he’s doing. Knowing him that’s a good bet.

        • Gus Bjork

          Thanks! I hope all is well with him. As an FYI I wasn’t fishing for a mention. I rarely sign in anymore when I visit.

  • Screamz

    Congrats and Happy Anniversary/Dread-day. Seven years, yet I can’t remember a time without Dread. You guys always have the best reviews whether I agree with them or not (I usually do). Here’s to another seven and beyond…

  • Chernobyl Kinsman

    Right well, I signed up then. First of all congratulations on making it this far, I’ve only been around for 3 years or so and never registered for various reasons (mainly it deciding I was a spam bot on the occasions I tried), but I love the site – especially the podcasts which I have listened to many times.

    After hearing what you went through before setting up Dread Central it’s all the more impressive and a real feel good story, so keep up the good work and I hope your schedules allow another podcast in the not too distant future, assuming/hoping no body parts or natural disasters attempt to kill you yet again.

    Fuck you back from Northern Ireland.


    Oh, I forgot to say thanks for the Return of the Living Dead DVD I won sometime last year!

    • Uncle Creepy

      Took you long enough! Lol welcome to the fold. Since you’re Irish the beers are on you. 😉

  • LifeMi

    Congrats, Steve; you and the guys have not only entertained us for 7 years, but done a fucking awesome job at informing us about what’s good in the world of horror. There are so many movies I hold dear that I would’ve never found out about if I hadn’t listened to DFF and many awful, awful movies that I love to see get ripped apart by you guys. Whether it’s Steve’s hatred for Strawberry Estates, Buz’s disdain for Tim Burton, Foy’s bashing of 95% of the movies he watches, Matt’s Mass Effect 3 horror story, or Andrew’s cries of pain after Hellraiser Revelations, you guys are consistently hilarious and brilliant. Dread Central is and always will be the BEST horror website around and I’m looking forward to many, many more years of Dread.

  • kiddcapone

    I only “taunt” with nothing but love of course…You guys rock and I’d buy all of you a beer anytime and shoot the shit about flicks…assuming you ever come back to the east coast where you belong…