Corman’s Drive-In Expands

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Corman's Drive-In ExpandsThe influence of the great Roger Corman has reverberated through the film industry for many, many years. Now, with advancements in technology making movie watching easier than ever, his reach is about to extend to a larger audience than he could have imagined.

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Iconic American filmmaker Roger Corman and Julie Corman are expanding their personal YouTube subscription channel. After its successful launch in the U.S. and Canada last month, “Corman’s Drive-In” is now available to fans in the United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil, France, Spain, Russia, South Korea, and Australia.

Due to the tremendous popularity of Corman’s films around the globe, YouTube is making the channel available around the world immediately. The authentically American drive-in movie concept is gaining in popularity globally as Paris’ famous Grand Palais has been transformed into an American-styled drive-in cinema for the summer while in Japan Roger Corman is revered as one of the “titans of American cinema.”

Corman, widely known as the godfather of independent movies, popularized film sub-genres like car-chase pictures, dystopian biker flicks, cross-species mutant monsters, space operas, and women-in-cages. The final selection appeals to the largest possible segment of YouTube’s estimated one billion plus unique users.

“Corman’s Drive-In” premieres with a double-feature of Jack Nicholson’s debut films, the classic spaghetti sci–fi Starcrash, the original Piranha, and the grindhouse sexploitation Big Doll House. Coming this summer, the channel will offer subscribers a new selection of films including Allan Arkush’s Rock N Roll High School, where punk rock pioneers The Ramones lead a band of music-loving students to rebel against their oppressive school administration; the martial arts hit Bloodfist with kickboxer champion Don “The Dragon” Wilson; and Carnosaur, a 1993 science fiction horror film starring Diane Ladd as a mad scientist who plans to recreate dinosaurs and destroy humanity.

Rebel filmmaker Roger Corman and producer Julie Corman personally select the films that debut each month on “Corman’s Drive-In.” Cultivated from their vault of 400 titles which include iconic pictures like Grand Theft Auto and The Fast and the Furious, many of the films are now being offered for the first time in the digital universe and can only be seen on the “Corman’s Drive-In” YouTube channel.

“Corman’s Drive-In” also features a library of exclusive content including sneak peeks of upcoming features like Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda, Corman’s latest cross-species mash-up, and Mark Hamill’s video game Call of Duty-inspired Virtually Heroes. The channel provides direct access to Roger and Julie Corman through personal anecdotes, “Corman’s Take,” and video responses to select subscriber questions. Also a resource for fans and filmmakers are exclusive interviews with cast and crew Corman discovered, including directors Joe Dante and Allan Arkush, Jurassic Park Director of Photography Dean Cundey, Transformers stuntman John Branagan, and the college girls of Sorority House Massacre.

Offered as a subscription programming service for $3.99 per month, “Corman’s Drive-In” will refresh its rotating selection of 30 movie titles regularly, along with “Corman’s Take” and other original content every month. “Corman’s Drive-In” also offer consumers a 14-day free trial subscription.

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