Set Visit: Final Destination 5

David Koechner rounds out the office crew playing Dennis, the boss at the paper company. When asked if he was a good boss, he replied, "Dennis certainly has a…I'll say 'commandeering' style of management. My guess is he's probably on his third marriage. That gives you a hint as to who he might be. Dennis has a certain management style that some people would appreciate, other people might say wow, that guy's a prick."

The final "main character" is one I'm sure all horror fans would agree is essential to a Final Destination film. Is he the embodiment of Death? Is he a mischievous god-like creature that enjoys watching humans attempt to dodge their sticky fates? The filmmakers will never give you that answer. It's too much fun for them to watch you speculate endlessly. It's also more fun for the film to have an indefinable entity that remains a mystery. To us, he's just Tony Todd, one of the nicest guys working in horror today. Craig Perry lends his thoughts, "The characters don't know who he is so they follow the same course that other people would when confronted by this presence/person/personality. We do want to acknowledge the people who allowed us to be here without sacrificing those who might be with us the first time. And that was one of the intersections where how do we make sure that Tony Todd plays well to the people who want to see him and plays fresh to the people who've never seen him, and I think that we got it right because I'm really happy with the way he's integrated into the story."

We are told by various cast members that they had interacted with Todd and that his role is very similar to the length and tone of past FD films. Todd was not on hand, but Nick D'Agosto stepped in with thoughts on his behalf. "Tony himself says that this is the most fun he's had shooting a film and he thought it was some of the most interesting work he got to do for his character because it helped him explore his character in a way that he'd never gotten to explore it before. So I think…and I know working with him was absolutely awesome and he is just as terrifying as you want him to be when you're standing opposite him in that scene. He's extremely powerful in every way. He's tall…imposing…he has that element which is a psychological element which is very intimidating. It was great. It was really fun to work with him, and you know obviously he's a real jovial guy in person and really kind and cool." All the actors were practically in unanimous agreement on Tony Todd. Very big – Very scary – Deep voice. They all recognize an almost hypnotic power Todd utilizes while also pointing out his kindness. Arlen Escarpeta put it best when he said, "It's Tony Todd's World, for sure."

It's very important for a cast to sort of gel, attaining a group rhythm you can feel through the screen. After talking with the lot and just feeling the vibe on the set, you can tell there was plenty of laughter filling the air at any given moment. P.J. Byrne summed up the group's thoughts. "I think we're very lucky also with this cast. You know most of us do not live in Vancouver and we're all living in Vancouver for three months, but there's a wonderful relationship that we've all developed and this sort of family vibe. So we're in the trenches together, and we're pushing each other, and if there's long days, we're picking each other up. With these wonderful relationships that we've developed, hopefully they're going to add to this movie and you're going to see that on the screen."

At the time of these interviews, all the death scenes had been filmed. P.J. remarked, "Yes, we've watched each other die … and enjoyed it." Nick made mention that Emma's death scene was the group's favorite. "Because we all have such a good time with each other, it's fun. Often times you have these really macabre kind of lines where people are like, you know, well at least you didn't go the regular old schmucky way we're all going to go, which is a heart attack or something, you know what I mean?"

David Koechner chimes in on the severe nature of their deaths. "They're fantastic. They are so delightful. They're delicious, I would say. Any time there's a death, everyone is impressed and proud. I love that there are so many ways. There are qualities of the characters that are embedded in their deaths, that's for sure. There's a really interesting other level to how everyone dies. Sometimes it has to do with their physical makeup, sometimes with their personality. It's really fascinating. And you know, it's such an interesting genre, where you cheer when there's deaths, right? You're thrilled by them." Jacqueline adds, "In a weird, twisted way I like to watch people die. But you know, it's like a strange macabre because as much as death scares us, it intrigues us, which is really cool with these movies; you die in so many creative ways. And when they make another one, you're like, 'How many ways can someone really die?'"

Arlen chimes in on the topic, "How do you pretend to die? You know what I mean? We can never wrap our minds around that, you know what I mean? And then to try to simulate, like you said, it's really, it's draining the body, definitely the brain, because the whole time you're like, 'Do I sound crazy? Do I sound stupid? Does it sound real?' Do you know what I mean? And then you gotta trust the guy behind the camera that it looks right."

The crew, as a whole, were tight-lipped as you might expect on the exact details of their gruesome deaths, but Emma offered this little hint. "We all go out with a bang!"

Exclusive Set Visit: Final Destination 5

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