Set Visit: Final Destination 5

Miles Fischer, the American Psycho look-a-like, plays Peter, a middle manager dating one of the executives' daughters. His character is described as a hard worker and stand-up guy that everyone really likes. "It is unlike anything I've ever played before, I'll tell you that. And my character is actually fairly unassuming from the start. I'm the guy who knows exactly what he wants, who's always had a plan, A plus B equals C, and I'm just anxious to get there. Nobody is in competition with me. And then as the movie develops, that very much changes. And I take on a bit of a different role." P.J. Byrnes chimes in with, "He gets less handsome, that's what happens." Miles is relatively new to the horror scene. "I haven't shot a lot of horror before, or thrillers, but with P.J. it's like he opens his mouth and everyone is cracking up, same as Koechner. And the scenes are so kind of intense; especially the big action thriller sequences are so heavy and technical that when you're shooting them, as soon as 'cut' is yelled, you're cracking each other up just to get out of that severe intensity. So strangely, kind of being on that raw nerve, the humor and the horror really go hand in hand."

P.J. Byrne plays Isaac, the guy you love to hate. "Everybody has that one person in the office that you can't stand, and I am that guy in this movie. So hopefully when I do die, you'll actually enjoy it." We do, indeed, like to see the resident asshole get his just deserts, horror film style, and P.J. says we won't want to miss a moment. "You want to see me die, and they actually milk the hell out of my death, which is an exciting way to go. And that's all I'm allowed to tell you." P.J. is new to horror, but from the tone of his answers, it seems like he may be hooked. "I've done a lot of comedy and a lot of drama but never sort of this actual horror genre so I was sort of excited to do it. In Extraordinary Measures I played the family doctor who had to tell this family that their child is dying. These are sort of close, intense dramatic moments. Doing this is sort of opening it up, and living in this horror thrill world is a completely new experience for me. I've never had to yell loud! I've never had to run at a camera or fly at a camera in 3D. That's a new thing, that's exciting, and that's probably why I signed on for it." The character Isaac is also described as being "very ambitious toward the female sex." "I care about three things. I care about women, myself, and getting women for myself. Not always in that order."

Ellen Wroe plays Candice, the youngest in the office, college intern and daughter to the owner of the company. She refers to Miles Fisher's character Peter as her "boy toy". For an undisclosed reason, they've also made Ellen's character a gymnast. "I do actually do get to do gymnastics, a physical sequence, a gym sequence. And I had to do most of my own stunts so that was so cool."

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood plays Olivia Reynolds, another worker bee in the hive alongside Nick and Molly. "You love Olivia or you hate Olivia…she's kind of a rocker chick, she's in the moment, she's not sure what tomorrow's gonna bring. And she'll have your back, but if you cross a line with her, she absolutely knows how to hold her own. And in certain situations she's very honest. She says what people sometimes want to say…sometimes what people are thinking but don't necessarily have the balls to say it. So sometimes it's very shocking, but she doesn't do it to intentionally hurt anyone. It's just like, she just doesn't really have a filter." Ellen adds, "I think guys love her, and then girls hate her cause they really secretly wish they could be as cool as her." It seems her character has an axe to grind...or a crush to work out! She explains further, saying, "We don't exactly like each other, I don't think. But I think it stems from jealousy. I really think that's what Candice is rooted in with Olivia. She's just 'Uh, that girl's so pretty!'" Jacqueline mentions her death is particularly bloody. "I have some prosthetics for a while, so uh…it's really raw!"

Arlen Escarpeta plays Nathan, a hard hat type that works in the back of the office. "I'm confronted with Sam's character, Nick's character, and we've got this like friendship thing, like we know each other, but I'm not up on the floor with everyone else. I'm down there by myself. With these guys here, they're up in the office, you know, they can bounce ideas off of each other, kind of support each other. And then with me, I'm kinda really down there on my own. And when you guys see the stuff that my character goes through, it's brutal, it's tough. It's definitely tough." We talked a bit about the correlation between the likability of a character and the level of carnage involved in their death. It's often understood that the more of an asshole the character is, the more we want to see them ripped to shreds. Arlen seems to get it the hard way, even though his character is fairly innocent. "I think Nathan, you know, he's a likable guy. Does that mean you won't want him to get what's coming? Not necessarily. I mean, I think the build-up there is even probably maybe a little bit more because you almost root for this guy to get a little bit of redemption somewhere or whatever, with all the different stuff that he goes through in the movie. But I think when he gets what's coming to him, it's good. I think it's still satisfying for the audience, for sure."

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