Set Visit: Final Destination 5

Craig Perry adds, "Everything that we've done here … and I know this sounds silly since you are standing in front of this massive piece of green … we've been able to put together the sequences in such a way that you will not be able to tell when you are not on that bridge. It's really pretty amazing. So in terms of CG, a lot of it's the background, but you'll also notice that we have things falling over, articulated elements of the bridge. As much as possible we are trying to do things practically and augment with CG, and I think that the best use of CG if you're not creating a creature these days is to augment. Will there be full CG things? A couple of things only because on the day it's more expensive to figure out how to do it practically than to just do it in CG. You can blow 220 grand or you can blow 20 grand. I'll take the 20 grand! No one will know … motion blur … we're fine! These are the decisions you have to make as you move forward."

Building on those thoughts, we asked about the extent of the carnage we'll be in for. Steven answered "We have some horrific deaths. I can't go into detail, but the fans will not be disappointed. The actors love it, too. They're really getting into it all. Five hours of make-up and putting prosthetics on and Toby Lindala making it amazing; it's pretty sweet." Craig added to the Toby lovefest by stating, "There's one guy, Toby, that's in this thing that did such an unbelievable job. Your brain will be blown. You'll be like 'How the hell did they do that?' It's the perfect magic trick. I'm not even going to tell you what it is. There's a great magic trick that we pulled off that has NO CG, and you're just going to be like 'It's great!' That's what I love. I also think that Toby, in that department… You know how makeup effects is usually a 50/50 proposition whether they work? He has just stuck the landing every single time in this movie. It's been really great to see those kinds of practical effects and old school blood. CG blood…naaa. We are doing everything in our power to avoid full CG blood. We had to do a couple of augmentations with some elements because, again, on the day, you can't rig it appropriately because you'll see the rig so do we add blood later that's real, or do we have weird tubes that we move? Ehhh, let's add real blood later because we want to have the person active and moving. A lot of decisions weigh into every decision about how to realistically capture what we are trying to do."

Toby himself weighed in on the results of his crew's work: "The demands are greater with the 3D, the resolution that we're required to show, the quality. The finer details really have to be that much more precise. We started out thinking that it (gore content) was going to be kind of dialed back a bit, but I'm happy to report that, yeah, the guts are flyin'. There's been a lot going on, a sort of change in the feeling to really ramp it up. The gore could surpass the previous films, but a lot of that is going to come down to the decisions made in the editing room." Knowing how certain elements in the film that the crew was excited about might end up being cut for time, we wondered how much say Toby and company would actually get in the creation of these scenes in the first place. He remarked, "There are some elements that stayed exactly as scripted, and there were some things that were very much in development. So we got to be a part of that process and offer in what we could do and what we were most confident about with our materials. So artistically, it's been great. The 3D has definitely thrown an angle in. We've been really milking the 3D angle, not in a cheesy way, but really just using that effect, designing things in ways to really get the maximum effect out of that. There are great moments of implements just, you know, hanging over the audience and just oozing blood. The choices made with some of the actors and their performance, to really help linger on these things. They're great! We're getting into some final tests today for some of our last deaths, and we're really excited about the pieces. Just crazy visual images. I think we're gonna knock it outta the park this time." After conferring with our press buddy on hand at almost all times, Toby let fly with a film point you'll love. "Everybody dies twice!"

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