Zombie Shark Breaks the Surface

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Zombie Shark Breaks the SurfaceWe’ve seen mammoth sized great whites terrorize the screen. Hell, we’ve seen sharks with lasers mounted on their heads, smart sharks, shark nights, prehistoric sharks, sharktopuses, and even sharknados, but zombie sharks? Now you’re speaking our language!

Below you’ll find your first look at Tiburón Zombie, also known as Zombie Shark! What in the world could this possibly be about, you ask? That’s a really good question.

After a zombie apocalypse ravages the land, humans finally get the upper hand and win the war. The only problem? They now have dozens of zombie carcasses laying around. The residents of a small town off of the Atlantic coast have a bright idea… dump the infected but dormant zombies’ bodies into the sea. Of course sharks come across the rotting flesh, chow down’ and become zombies themselves!

How in the world could anyone possibly resist the allure of this wacky foreign nightmare? Check out the teaser trailer below, and look for more soon!

Zombie Shark, Tiburon Zombie

Zombie Shark, Tiburon Zombie

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