A Deadly Swarm Flies onto DVD

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A Deadly Swarm Flies onto DVDI still remember watching the flick The Swarm within the last couple of years. The flick redefined the word “boredom,” and the problem was only compounded by its ridiculously long runtime. Hopefully Lionsgate’s new flick Deadly Swarm can get some buzz back!

From the Press Release
The infectious Syfy Channel Original Movie Deadly Swarm is available for the first time on DVD August 13 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Created in the tradition of Arachnophobia and Snakes on a Plane, this horror flick stars Shane Brolly (Underworld franchise) and John Patrick McCormack (TV’s “The West Wing”) and is directed by Paul Andresen (Shockumentary).

Seeking out a cure for his wife’s serious illness, scientist Dr. Schroeder (McCormack) heads deep into a forbidden jungle in Guatemala, trapping thousands of killer wasps. Working with secret military backing, it is Schroeder’s contention that the venom from the wasps’ stingers can be of great medicinal benefit. But when they try to illegally smuggle the wasps into the US, the truck they are on crashes and the wasps are set free to wreak havoc, making a direct path to a small unsuspecting town. It is up to American entomologist Daniel Lang and nosey writer Sandra Kern to stop these deadly wasps – as they lay eggs in their victims to hatch thousands more wasps – before it’s too late.

Deadly Swarm

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Steve Barton

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  • Foywonder

    Nowhere in the press release do they mention this Syfy movie is 10 YEARS OLD! Made in 2003. Back when they were still Sci-Fi Channel. I remember how bad the special effects looked back then. Can only imagine how bad they’ll look ten years later.