Exclusive: Writer/Director Nick Tomnay Talks The Perfect Host

The writer/director discussed how frenetic his production schedule was on The Perfect Host and how the preparation time he had with his leads beforehand was integral to pulling off their ambitious shooting schedule.

“Both Clayne and David were incredibly committed to their roles,” explained Tomnay. “We only had 17 days to shoot the entire movie so there wasn’t a lot of time for mistakes. I was very lucky that both actors always showed up prepared, and I don’t think either one of them ever had an ‘off’ scene the entire shoot. We planned everything very extensively, too- for four days the three of us locked ourselves inside a rehearsal space just to really get the chemistry cooking between the two leads. I found that being prepared really helped make the shoot go a lot smoother than I was expecting.”

Being a storyteller, Tomnay talked about what kinds of stories speak to him as a moviegoer and why he enjoys taking people’s perceptions and completely twisting them over and over again in his movies. “I like to dabble in the extreme side of storytelling because I think that’s what speaks to me as a movie watcher. Those are the kinds of movies I like to watch, and that’s what I tried to do with the story in The Perfect Host- to give you a look into the world of someone as extreme as Warwick and hopefully shed light on what makes him tick. My intention was by the end of the movie that you realize the hero has become the villain and the villain has become the hero. You think John’s a bad guy and that Warwick is this very open and generous man, but I take those perceptions and turn them on their ear by the time the third act begins, and then you’re not quite sure who you’re rooting for by the end.”

Now with The Perfect Host set to hit limited theaters this Friday, July 1st (the movie is already available on VOD), we asked Tomnay if he has any future plans for Warwick and if he’s given any thought to a sequel.

“I’ve been living with Warwick for about ten years now so I’m ready to move forward,” explained Tomnay. “It’s been an incredibly long process up to this point, but I will say that being able to write a character like Warwick and see him come to life like this is pure joy. But I have a lot more ideas for other movies I’d like to make so I can’t see myself making a sequel to The Perfect Host.”

“What I am working on right now is a thriller that is far more conventional than this movie was, but it’s also a lot more visceral, too. I can’t say much more because it’s still in the developmental process, but I am excited to see what happens with it,” added Tomnay.

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