The Seen and The Unseen – Gas Too Expensive? Pay with a Deer Head!

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The Seen and The Unseen - Gas too Expensive? Pay with a Deer Head!In the olden days, people didn’t use money. You went out, shot animals and took them to the local trading post (about 15 miles away). With one deer head, you could get salt, corn meal and a jug of whiskey for those long, lonely nights in the woods (Dread Central does not endorse this historical research).

Given how bad the economy is, it seems as if someone in England decided to bring back the “the Deer Head System” (we don’t know if this actually existed). The BBC reported that at a local gas station in Essex, someone left a deer head in the pay till and the guts of the animal in the food aisle.

According to all reports, no one saw or heard who did the deed. Given that it’s England, a spokesperson issued a statement apologizing by saying, “We hope it didn’t cause any undo distress.” So, the question is, how in the world did no one see or hear someone gut a deer in the food aisle and put its head in a pay till? Was everyone wasted? Under a spell?

Or maybe some teenage Fair Folk did it for a practical joke?

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