Bear Witness to an Android Re-Enactment

We've all had our hearts broken from time to time. Me? I'm still trying to cope with a missed finger-roll by Patrick Ewing during a Knicks game in the Garden. Seriously, why couldn't he have just dunked? Anyway, a new indie flick about dealing with a broken heart is on the way, and we've got your first look for you!

Below you'll find the teaser art and trailer for Android Re-Enactment written and directed by Darryl Shaw and starring Jeff Sinasac, Adam Buller, Sarah Silverthorne, Melissa Cline, William Poulin, Todd Thomas Dark, Delena Porter, Dean Tedesco, and Dana Tartau.

Look for more on this one soon!

Ermus, an obsessed scientist, tampers with the unstable emotions of android replicas of the people surrounding the greatest heartbreak of his life. Soon the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred, and Ermus is forced to confront a surreal nightmare.

Bear Witness to an Android Re-Enactment

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Source: Official Android Re-Enactment Website