Is Platinum Dunes Involved in Paramount’s New Friday the 13th?

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Is Platinum Dunes Involved in Paramount's New Friday the 13th?  Last week we told you that the rights to Friday the 13th were back at Paramount. Old school Jason fans rejoiced and there was much celebration in the land (in my house, at least). Today the plot thickens, somewhat unsurprisingly.

My friend over at Bloody Disgusting, Evan Dickson, got a scoop yesterday straight from recent Jason actor Derek Mears’ mouth regarding Platinum Dunes’ involvement in the upcoming Friday the 13th sequel:

“I spoke to Brad Fuller, and he said that the rights are, as everyone knows, over at Paramount and they’re pushing hard. They’re going, ‘We want [a new Friday the 13th movie] as fast as possible.’” Mears would also return to the hockey mask, if asked. “…I know they [Platinum Dunes] like me… look, even if I’m not a part of the series, as a fan, I just want to see more.” Fans were greatly divided over the last film in the franchise, but if they agreed on anything, it was that Derek Mears was an excellent Jason.

Does this mean that Platinum Dunes is involved in the next one? It sounds like it could be shaping up that way, and it wouldn’t be surprising, considering they produced the 2009 remake.

Platinum Dunes is the production company created by Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form. They have produced several genre remakes throughout the last decade including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hitcher, A Nightmare on Elm Street and, of course, Friday the 13th.

Having Jason back at Paramount has got to feel right to more fans than just myself. It’s no secret that the studio famously discarded the franchise at the end of the 1980s – after milking it for all it was worth. But there’s something about this current alignment that gives me hope. I didn’t like the last Friday the 13th much, but if they can just tweak those elements ever so slightly (likable characters, inventive kills, no captives), then I think we’ll be on to something.

Is Platinum Dunes Involved in Paramount's New Friday the 13th?

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  • jkincer

    Like most F13 fans I was giddy at the thought of Paramount making a new movie. I was hopeful that they would disregard that terrible remake and just make a film that ignored everything after four (hopefully bringing Feldman back for a real part five). But hearing that the hacks from Platinum Dunes are once again going to be in charge has deflated all enthusiam for a new film. Please don’t do this Paramount. I’m begging you, don’t fall under the spell of a quick buck from those ass clowns and further shit all over our beloved series.

    • Matt Serafini

      Platinum Dunes is involved likely because they have to be.

      The only reason this is moving forward at all is because Warner Bros. is now out of the equation. So the large rights entanglement has been alleviated.

      But PD was probably always going to be involved in this.

      • jkincer

        Thankfully there is a thriving fan film community for F13. While most are borderline unwatchable bad, atleast they have their heart in the right place and their passion for the material shows through. Remakes are part of cinema, always have been, but PD has firmly established that they are unable to produce anything but a quick cash grab. It’s just to bad that no studio has had the pasion for F13 that the fans do. Maybe in another 10-15 years the rights will fall into the hands of someone who understands what makes the Paramount era films fun and we will get another good film.

  • LeBay

    This is the worst news I could have read today. You know, regarding a horror series I absolutely love.

    I want all new people involved. I don’t care who plays Jason – it’s never really mattered that much. I want filmmakers who love and understand what made the series in the ’80s so great and can cinematically execute that understanding, not just talk the talk like the Platinum Dunes hacks.

  • Terminal

    Thanks for bringing me down, DC.