Exclusive: David Hyde Pierce Talks The Perfect Host

If you wanted to quickly summarize what kind of category of film The Perfect Host would fall into, this writer would call it a dark comedy/home invasion thriller mash-up. For Pierce, though, he discussed how it was some of the other thematic elements bubbling below the surface in Tomnay’s script that he really enjoyed exploring as a performer. “At its core, The Perfect Host explores the basic idea of trust and how things can spiral out of control when you realize that the people around you can no longer be trusted. As human beings, we like to believe that most people can be trusted, especially people with certain authoritative roles in society, but this movie really plays off those expectations in a very twisted and dark way.”

“By the end of the movie, none of the characters know who exactly they can and cannot trust, and I think that was brilliant on Nick’s part because he found a way to make a very entertaining movie that also makes you think too.”

Even though The Perfect Host is definitely a dark and serious thriller, that doesn’t mean that Tomnay wasn’t conscientious enough as a storyteller to cook up some moments of levity for viewers, including a rousing disco number early on in the second act of the film. Pierce, who has spent many years working in numerous theatrical productions (including the award-winning Monty Python-infused musical “Spamalot”), spoke about how much fun it was to let his hair down and unleash Warwick’s inner dancing fool.

“The musical number was so much fun to put together,” said Pierce. “I had my friend Cate Caplin come in and choreograph our dance number because she knows me so well from the many years we’ve worked together on Broadway. That was by far one of the hardest scenes to shoot because there’s a certain level of energy that it needed, but it also had to have a lot of demented aspects to it as well. It’s such a great moment in the movie and really sets the tone for everything that follows so I knew we had to get it right.”

With The Perfect Host set to hit limited theaters this Friday, Pierce spoke about how the impending release feels like a pretty big moment for him even though he’s already an award-winning actor.

“I’m so anxious to see what everyone thinks of the movie when it comes out. I think a lot of people will be surprised at the role I play because going into it, they’ll probably be expecting Niles, so I don’t know- this movie might be a little out of left field for them. But what I do hope happens is that people experience what a great story Nick has put together and maybe this will open up doors for him, and hopefully for me as well, because I do love working in movies.”

The Perfect Host is currently available on VOD and will be arriving in limited theaters on July 1st courtesy of Magnolia Pictures. For more info "like" The Perfect Host on Facebook.

The Perfect Host Now Available On Demand from Magnolia

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