Toby Wilkins Talks MTV’s Teen Wolf Series

Speaking of twists and turns, for anyone following “Teen Wolf” you’ll note that last week’s episode is definitely a game-changer of sorts (Disclaimer: If you haven’t seen last week’s episode and still intend to, you may want to stop reading now because things may get too spoiler-y for you from here on in Wilkins’ interview), and Wilkins discussed what fans can expect going into tonight’s episode.

“Episode four is when everything in Teen Wolf changes and suddenly audiences are now faced with a huge mystery- a ‘whodunit’ so to speak,” said Wilkins. “I think it was very clever of Jeff to take the story in this new direction because audiences will be trying to get to the bottom of the mysteries unfolding alongside the characters. This episode is also where Scott really realizes just how much his relationship with Allison is like Romeo and Juliet and has one of the most awkward dinner scenes ever between Scott, Allison and her dad, which should be fun for fans of the series to watch.”

Beyond just the mystery aspect to the story of “Teen Wolf,” audiences were also introduced to a new mythology to the idea of werewolf hierarchies, and Wilkins explained where that idea stemmed from. “I know Jeff did a lot of research into wolf packs and animal hierarchies so I think that’s where the idea of making Alpha werewolves and Beta werewolves came from. But it also makes a lot of sense, too, in terms of how human beings relate to each other in society - there are always leaders and followers, or Alphas and Betas if you will. So this mythology works on a lot of different levels.”

Wilkins also mentioned that for his Splinter fans out there, he incorporated a few things into tonight’s episode that they will definitely appreciate.

“Fans of Splinter should tune in to tonight’s episode for some tip of the hat moments to that movie I made sure to include. There is some stuff at the beginning of the episode as well as the end, and there may be a casting surprise in there, too. Who knows just what you’ll catch while watching,” teased Wilkins.

Speaking of Splinter, we asked Wilkins if there has been any movement on getting a sequel to his 2009 creature feature up and running yet. ”There have been talks but there’s no news really. There’s no good news, no bad news, just no news yet. But I do have a story idea that’s ready to go if I get the opportunity to ever move forward.”

Wilkins added, “I have to keep a lot of what I’m looking to do in the future under wraps right now, but I will say that doing Teen Wolf has introduced me to the world of working in television and I may pursue more TV-based projects. I do still have a few feature scripts that I’m still developing too so I do intend to still continue working in feature films though.”

Look for Wilkin’s first “Teen Wolf” episode tonight, June 20, on MTV at 10/9 pm CST, and his next two will be airing the following Monday evenings on the network. Special thanks to Toby for taking the time to speak with Dread Central!

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Toby Wilkins Talks MTV’s Teen Wolf Series

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