Interview: Adam Green Talks Holliston and More – Part 2

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Interview: Adam Green Talks Holliston and More Part 2Alrighty, kids! With “Holliston” Season 2 premiering tonight on FEARnet, we now have Part 2 of our interview with series creator Adam Green ready for your hungry horror-loving eyes. If you missed it, check out Part 1 here!

From the very beginning, “Holliston” has been close to Green’s heart. In fact, the subject matter was so powerful it was a bit alarming to some close to him. “My family was concerned when I first showed them the pilot episode,” Green said. “They said, ‘This stuff, you’re making a joke out of it now, doing it for comedy, but this was a horrible, horrible time in your life.’ Getting over your first girlfriend is not as funny as we play it out to be in the show.”

But Green and his crew manage to capture something very special with the show. “All storytelling is is sharing your experiences and that’s what I’m doing,” Green said. “And the fact that so many people can identify with it, and it’s been like therapy for some people. Some of the letters are from people who’ve said, ‘I’d given up on whatever this thing was I was trying to do, and then I saw this and I was like, fuck it, I’m going to go for it again and that’s just awesome to hear.”

The tenuous nature of airing your show on a brand new nature is certainly concerning, but Green is confident his audience will continue to help “Holliston” thrive. “The scariest thing about it is it’s television on a new network that not everybody has yet, so the chances get slimmer and slimmer of ‘Is this thing going to keep going or not?’ You just don’t know. But nowadays the fans have so much power and I think they realize that. And the fact that by the end of Season 1 they started calling themselves Holliston Nation was cool to see…and they’re so loud! And they write to FEARnet and they post on the Facebook page and they send them tweets and tell them how they feel about the show and they spread the word.”

As “Holliston” marches on and prepares to launch a whole new season of laughs and adventures, Green discusses the impact on fans that he’s seen recently. “We did the HorrorHound Convention in Cincinnati, which I think is the biggest horror convention that’s ever been held because something like 17,000 people went,” Green said. “”The Walking Dead” was there so we figured nobody was going to care about us because that’s the number one show on tv. But we signed autographs for at least seven hours and still had to turn people away and a lot of the people that came through our line were telling us they don’t even like horror movies and have never been to a horror convention. They just saw the show on Hulu or wherever they saw it and wanted to come and meet us. It’s kind of serving like a gateway drug for people who were never into horror before and are now like ‘I should find out more about this stuff.'”

For fans who just can’t wait for Season 2 of “Holliston” to begin, we’ve got a bit of a sneak peek for you. Take our word for it, the first episode is fantastic and knocks the ball out of the park right from the hilarious first scene. Although we can’t tell you what happens in that first segment, we can give you this quote from Adam Green as he describes the madness of filming it. “That was really a hard scene to do because we really only had one take on it. All the blood spraying everywhere. We really didn’t have time if something didn’t work to send somebody back through makeup to get all the blood off, all the whipped cream off, and start all over again. So we really had to practice that and practice that. But luckily, we nailed it on the first take.” If massive blood spray AND whipped cream references doesn’t pique your interest, I don’t know what will.

Amongst all the joy and fanfare that is accompanying the launch of “Holliston” Season 2, Adam Green has also been deeply involved in another project, spearheading a fundraiser to raise money to help victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. “I’m from the area and, more specifically, the starting line for the Boston Marathon has always been on the Holliston-Hopkinton line, so it really hit home in a number of ways,” Green said. “Another super-personal way is in “Holliston,” and that show is obviously based very closely on my personal life. The real-life ‘Corri’ (Green is referencing his former real-life girlfriend, who inspired the character portrayed by Corri English on the show) she actually lives there and works there as a nurse. I haven’t had any contact with her in about six years or so, so obviously when it happened, that was my first concern, that she was okay, and she was. However, she was working in the emergency room where all the victims were being brought, so psychologically she’s not doing well. So that whole event really hit home and whenever something like this happens, your first reaction is ‘What can I do?’ or ‘How can I help?’ and normally it’s by donating money, but instantly, I was like, ‘There’s got to be something more I can do.’ And luckily at this point in my career I can do a little bit more. So with “Holliston” about to come out and Hatchet III about to come out, those were the two most obvious things I could do to help raise money and thankfully, FEARnet and Dark Sky were totally behind me doing it.”

During last week’s fundraisers, Green not only debuted Hatchet III in a Hatchet viewing marathon, but also showed charity audiences some of “Holliston” Season 2. He also organized a huge charity auction. “As it started coming together, I was working very closely with Gina Migliozzi from the Rock and Shock convention in Worcester, MA. She suggested having a party at the Worcester Palladium as a fundraiser but I was thinking it was weird to have a party for something like this. But then the idea of having an auction just sort of seemed like it would be great. So I put the word out to my celebrity friends, but before I even did that I just went on Twitter saying I was going to put something together. Rob Zombie, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, everybody jumped in. That was really touching and I think the one positive… whenever something like this happens, it’s just seeing people come together, seeing people come together and seeing what people are made of, and literally every single person I know gave something and not just a signed autograph. They gave unique, one-of-a-kind itmes.”

But Green doesn’t want to be patted on the back for his efforts to help victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. He simply sees himself as a regular guy. “I was just the face of it,” Green said. “I feel like it’s a community thing at this point, because everyone has given so much. I like to think anyone in my position would do the exact same thing, so I’m just doing what you’re supposed to do.”

Adam Green stars in “Holliston” on FEARnet. Season 2 begins this Tuesday, June 4. Green also writes and directs the show. He stars beside Joe Lynch, Corri English and Laura Ortiz.

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