Rocker Geoff Tate Talks The Burningmoore Incident, Dedicated to Chaos, and More

DC: Dread Central had some footage on their website looked really good. It’s got kind of a late Seventies/early Eighties feel to it. Not quite grindhouse, but it has a real documentary feel to it.

GT: Yeah, it’s cool. If you like horror films, it’s definitely a fine one. The thing I liked about the script is that it was a very smart one.

DC: Are you much of a horror fan? Are you like a big film guy?

GT: I love film, but I tend to gravitate more toward drama or action films. I like a good crisis and a puzzle, some kind of mental puzzle.

DC: Just ’cause I’m a geek… What are some of your favorite films? And admittedly, that’s a sucky question..

GT: That’s a horrible question!! [laughs]

DC: [laughs] I know, but I’m just curious what kind of thing will get you to pop it in a DVD player or actually get up and go to a theater.

GT: Ummm… Have you ever heard of a film called KINGDOM OF HEAVEN?

DC: That’s a great film! Ridley Scott…

GT: Yeah, it really is. I own that and have probably seen that forty times. I like movies like that quite a bit. I’m really into sailing and there’s a movie that came out several years ago with Matthew Modine and Jennifer Grey and it’s kind of a light love story, but the filming on it is just fantastic! It’s called WIND. It’s about The America’s Cup race between the United States and Australia and there’s kind of this love story in there. It’s a light story, but the filming and the racing is just phenomenal. You don’t see many movies based around sailing.

DC: Back to Ridley Scott… He did White Squall.

GT: Yeah, but that was more of a courtroom film and a drama. I love Ridley Scott. I think he makes really great films.

DC: I do, too. Even when he stumbles… I think the Robin Hood thing was a little misguided.

GT: It was light and entertaining, but well done. I just saw THE HANGOVER II last night and I liked it. I like comedies with slapstick. I don’t know why, but it just cracks me up… when people fall down, it makes me laugh. [laughs]

DC: I’m just always curious about that sort of thing. But back to The Burningmoore Incident… From the trailer, the film looks like it has a fair amount of blood and a fair amount of violence. Are you ok with that as a viewer and as someone who is on set having to do a bit of it?

GT: I’ll tell ya… I wouldn’t let my kids watch the film, definitely. It’s pretty violent. I remember when I was shooting it, I had a bit of a hard time with some of the scenes because they were explicitly violent, especially toward women. I have five daughters so it’s kind of difficult for me to stomach that, but I just looked at it like it was an acting job and it’s a story. So it’s not like I’m harming anybody really… but it sure looks like it on film. [laughs]

The Burningmoore Incident

DC: I think it IS hard. I recently interviewed Stephen R. Monroe for Dread Central, who directed the remake of I Spit on Your Grave, and I watched that film in preparation for that. And I’ll admit to having a tough time getting through it. The last reel is awesome, but getting through all the rape and violence toward the girl was tough… and I’m just experiencing it as a viewer.

GT: Have you seen IRREVERSIBLE?

DC: Oh, jeez… Gaspar Noe’s film.

GT: That’s one of those films… One of the most violent things I’ve ever seen. I almost wish I’d never seen it.

DC: With these scenes of violence and physicality in the film, does it help that your co-star, Jen Weissenberg, has experience as a stunt woman?

GT: Well, for me, this being the first film I ever did, I had quite an education in all the different aspects of it and one of them that I really enjoyed quite a bit was the stuntwork. I’m a pretty physical person and I learned so much about tumbling and throwing a punch and taking a punch and how to make things look real. I worked for several days with the stunt director there to make it look like we did. And even though it was all play-acting, I walked away with bruises and cuts and scrapes. We were rolling down staircases, slamming into walls, and dragging people from Point A to Point B. It was very physical stuff. On one hand, it really kind of ruined watching movies for me because now I see how they do a lot of the things. I’m pretty judgmental and when I see it, I go, “Oh, no… he did that wrong, He should have done it like that!” [laughs]

DC: But ya know… those bruises are kind of cool. [laughs] When you’re hangin’ out with other people, being able to say, “Oh, this? Yeah, I got this when I was in this movie.” [laughs]

GT: [laughs] Yeah… “I got this on the set…”

DC: Is it true that you’ve written an exclusive song for the film?

GT: Yes.

DC: I also read that you were working on a documentary about subliminal messages in the media.

GT: Yes, that was something that already happened. I believe it was Noam Chomsky who did a whole series of interviews with different people and I was one of the people they interviewed for the documentary (entitled, PROGRAMMING THE NATION).

DC: I also read you’re doing a song for Peter Medak’s (The Changeling, Species, Romeo Is Bleeding) film Fallen Moon.

GT: Yeah… this is another film project that is awaiting funding. I got asked to do all of the music for it. I actually started on it and wrote quite a few pieces. They’re all ready to go; I just have to have the film to cut the music to.

DC: Is doing soundtracks something you have a lot of interest in?

GT: Yes, a LOT of interest.

DC: I think you’d be great at that.

GT: We did it on a movie called LAST ACTION HERO with Arnold Schwarzenegger. They used quite a bit of our music on that. That was really, really exciting… learning how to do it. There are lots of tricks of the trade that you can do, you know? So yeah… I learned quite a bit from that.

DC: I’d love to hear that kind of stuff from you guys. Your music is already almost like a soundtrack to a film that hasn’t been made. Yeah, I look forward to that. So, we have for you the new album, Dedicated To Chaos, coming out on June 28th, The Burningmoore Incident coming out soon, the upcoming tour… you’re already pretty busy, but… is there anything else you’re working on and can talk about?

GT: No… that’s pretty much everything, really.

DC: And long term… more Queensryche, hopefully… and more film?

GT: Yep, absolutely! We’re working on a new album right now.

DC: Wow! So you guys jump from one record right into the next?

GT: Yeah, pretty much. That’s kind of the way we work. It’s even kind of escalated nowadays because you don’t have as long between records. We get right into it.

DC: How do you feel about the new paradigm for distribution of music? I mean, so much of your stuff - especially the concept records - the entire album makes a statement, and with things like iTunes, people are buying single tracks. Is that something you’re trying to get your head around?

GT: That’s kind of just the way it is. One of the things that’s interesting about our newest album, DEDICATED TO CHAOS, is that it plays right into that whole idea that albums are a thing of the past and that people are really interested in making their own playlists. So we didn’t put the songs in any specific order or anything. They just can be put in any order you want and you can make up your own playlist from that. It’s kind of a cool concept. I’m really kind of interested in exploring it.

Our thanks to Geoff for taking the time to speak with us. Keep it here for more on The Burningmoore Incident as it comes, and in the meantime visit the official The Burningmoore Incident website, "like" The Burningmoore Incident on Facebook, and follow The Burningmoore Incident on Twitter.

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