Rocker Geoff Tate Talks The Burningmoore Incident, Dedicated to Chaos, and More

Recently Dread Central reported on Fires at Midnight Films' announcement about the impending release of The Burningmoore Incident, in which Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate has a prominent role. So of course we had to speak to Tate about both the film and the new Queensryche record he's been working on.

The Burningmoore Incident tells of the 2005 murder of Anne Parrish and her three sons and the disappearance of their patriarch, James Parrish (Tate). As time goes on, James Parrish falls under suspicion for the murders but is never found. Flash forward five years: A construction team from Cole Contracting of New York installs multiple video cameras on their first day of what is to be a home makeover reality show. In no time the Parrish house becomes a slaughterhouse at the hands of a brutal and deranged killer. Soon police discover that they have indisputable evidence that confirms Parrish as the killer.

Many music fans know the name Geoff Tate and his work with the seminal “progressive metal” band Queensryche. His voice is both strong and evocative, and Tate is ranked fourteenth on Hit Parader’s list of the 100 Greatest Metal Vocalists of All Time. His band’s list of multi-platinum hits are some of the best that harder-edge music has to offer.

With the impending release of both The Burningmoore Incident and the new Queensryche record, Dedicated To Chaos (pre-order it here), Tate is branching out and showing the world that there is more to his talent than solely music.

Dread Central: I understand you’ve finished a new album.

Geoff Tate: We’ve been done since April, and we gave it to the record company so now we’re just getting ready to go on tour here at the end of the month. We’re rehearsing for that now.

DC: Is there anything you can tell us about the record? Is it a concept album? Is there a title yet?

GT: It’s called DEDICATED TO CHAOS. Just a chaotic blend of good music is the best way to describe it, really. It doesn’t really have a rhyme or reason. It’s just a collection of interesting songs.

DC: Is the tone of the album a little harder than before… a little softer… more introspective?

GT: All of the above.

DC: Is there a projected release date ?

GT: June 28th.

DC: How does the record compare to some of the recent Queensryche output like American Soldier or Take Cover?

GT: Well, TAKE COVER was not our music. It was other people’s stuff. AMERICAN SOLDIER was a concept record so this new album has nothing to do with either of those projects. Really, it’s just an album of songs, just tracks we really like and music we wanted to make. How other people perceive it of course is out of my control so I won’t even begin to try to push them in a direction.

DC: I agree. Art is not for the artist to interpret.

GT: It’s not our place to talk about it in those terms. It’s for other people to discover and to talk about.

DC: With the tour, is it just an American tour, or are you guys going around the world?

GT: We start not next week, but the week after in Finland and Sweden, and then we come back home for a couple of weeks, then we go back over to Europe, and we begin dates in Spain, Portugal, and England. Then we come back to the States in July. (For more info on the tour, go to Queensryche’s official website -ed)

DC: Is touring still something you enjoy? I mean, you’ve been doing it for a while.

GT: Yeah, I love playing shows, you know. That end of it.

DC: Traveling sucks. [laughs]

GT: I don’t even mind traveling so much, either. I like going to different places, especially foreign countries and cities outside of the US. I really enjoy that quite a bit. I don’t know about the airlines, especially the airlines in the United States. They kind of treat their customers like crap compared to airlines in other countries, I think. As Americans, we kind of get used to that and take it. [laughs]

DC: Is there a plan for other bands to join you on the road?

GT: It’s pretty much just us. We have a lot of music. It also happens to be our thirty-year anniversary this year so we’re kind of touching base on all our records, presenting music from all of them and kind of celebrating the fact that we’ve been kicking around here for thirty years.

DC: Does the fact that you have been, as you say, ‘kickin’ around for thirty years’ ever give you pause?

GT: Well, yeah… yeah it does, actually. [laughs] It’s kind of a sobering thought. It’s gone by really fast, but I have to say it’s been a really interesting ride.

Queensryche, Dedicated to Chaos



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30 years? That's impossible! At any rate, really looking forward to seeing Geoff in his first acting role -- been a fan for years ... I guess 30 of them!

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