The Wii Gets Evil

The screenshot isn’t clear, but what it shows is the doors being broken in a room that will be familiar to anyone who has played the first Resident Evil (click to see it bgger!)Today brings us the first solid information and screens for the new Resident Evil game heading exclusively to the Nintendo Wii.

The game will be called Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and is interestingly enough an overview of the Resident Evil series to date,. featuring characters, events and locations from Resident Evil 1 through to 4 (but not including Code Veronica).

Gameplay and controls will be similar to Resident Evil 4, meaning that the game will be played from a 3rd person, over the shoulder perspective. Aiming will presumably handle via the Wii’s unique remote styled controller and movement with the nunchuck attachment.

There will be two main modes; Scenario and Arcade mode. Both will have you playing through four chapters, each representing the main area from each game in the series (the mansion, the RPD, Raccoon City and the village and surrounding area from RE4), with each chapter letting you choose from one of two characters (pretty much the ones you’d expect (Jill and Chris, Leon and Clair, Jill and Carlos and Leon and Ada respectively for each chapter). Each character will have strengths and weaknesses to encourage replayability.

Scenario Mode has you playing through the chapters in turn, presumably with tweaked stories that give you an overview of the whole series. There will be ‘quick time events’ similar to the ones seen in RE4 (where you had to hit certain buttons to perform certain actions in the cutscenes), but instead of button presses you’ll be moving the motion-sensing Wii controller.

Reportedly ammo will not be as common as it was in Resident Evil 4, bring ammo conservation back into play … something that will make many fans of the series happy.

Arcade mode is set up more like the unlockable “Mercenaries” from Resident Evil 4, and lets you pick any of the characters in any stage for just full-on action and, like “Mercenaries”, should be a blast.

The inventory system is being changed to allow each player to have two weapons at a time, but beyond that it’s not clear how else it might differ.

The only screenshots we have so far are not gameplay screenshots and all come from the mansion, however it’s important to stress that these are screenshots of the mansion running in real time and looking almost identical to it looked in the remake on the GameCube, where it ran pre-rendered.

The game is meant to help explain better how Umbrella were involved in Resident Evil 4, presumably to help tie into Resident Evil 5. It isn’t the first time the history has been revised, but will no doubt be the “official version” of events for the time being.

More video and hopefully details of Resident Evil 5 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 should come in the next week or two from the Tokyo Game Show. More as we learn it!


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