Exclusive: Andy Mitton and Jesse Holland Talk YellowBrickRoad

“Our actors definitely suffered for their art on this project. Between weather issues, bugs and just the rigmarole of shooting a movie like this, I know it wasn’t easy for any of them. We still made sure they were taken care of once shooting finished every night so they had beds and real bathrooms to go home to, but making this movie in the woods was definitely tough on all of them- and I guess on us too,” added Mitton.

Everything the cast and crew endured while making YellowBrickRoad has seemed to pay off now that the film is set to debut in AMC theatres nationwide on June 1st. Mitton discussed the long road both he and Holland have traveled to get the movie completed and how their follow-up feature won’t be a sequel to YellowBrickRoad.

“We look back as filmmakers and wonder how on earth we got out of those woods with an actual movie, let alone a movie that’s now both completely finished and headed to theaters,” explained Mitton. “We had spent our entire budget on the actual shoot so when it came time to finish the movie up, we had to figure out how to do it ourselves in order to submit in time for Slamdance. Jesse worked really hard to put the finishing touches on the movie, and once we got past Slamdance, we secured our funding to finish everything up in the final version that’s being released now.”

“We feel really lucky that we’ve been given this opportunity by AMC to have our movie in theaters all over the country because that doesn’t happen a lot for independent horror these days. But in terms of a sequel, I definitely think there are possibilities of more stories in the world of YellowBrickRoad, but that’s just not what we’re focused on right now. For both of us, we’re so full of stories we want to tell that we just want to move forward with working on something else for now,” added Mitton.

Holland went on to talk about what the future holds for this filmmaking duo. “Right now, we’re putting the final touches on a script called Forever Night, which is a haunted house movie, and it’s been a blast playing with those kinds of conventions because it definitely will end up being a different experience for genre fans than YellowBrickRoad.”

YellowBrickRoad will be in theatres on June 1st, 2011.


  • Barton Creek, Austin TX
  • White Marsh, Baltimore MD
  • Boston Common, Boston MA
  • Concord Mills, NC
  • River East 21, Chicago IL (moved from Crestwood)
  • Barrington, Chicago IL
  • Newport Levee, Newport KY
  • Easton Town Ctr, Columbus OH
  • Fairlane, Detroit MI
  • Orange Park, FL
  • Ind. Commons, Independence MO
  • AMC 30 Block, West Orange CA
  • Burbank 16, Los Angeles CA (previously Univ. Citywalk)
  • Sunset Place, Miami FL
  • Rosedale, Roseville MN
  • Elmwood Palace, New Orleans LA
  • Empire, New York NY
  • Clifton Commons, Clifton NJ
  • Quail Springs Mall, OK City OK
  • AMC Downtown Disney 24, Lake Buena Vista (moved from Universal Cineplex, Orlando FL)
  • Westgate, Phoenix AZ
  • Waterfront, Pittsburgh PA
  • Mission Valley, San Diego CA
  • Mercado, San Jose CA
  • Metreon, San Francisco CA
  • Pacific Place, Seattle WA

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    Exclusive: Andy Mitton and Jesse Holland Talk YellowBrickRoad

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  • Source: Bloody Disgusting Selects