Clash of the Titans Director Louis Leterrier Throws Warner Bros. Under the Bus

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Clash of the Titans Director Louis Leterrier Throws Warner Bros. Under the BusYes, the remake of Clash of the Titans was pretty bad, and director Louis Leterrier had some truly choice words for the 3D conversion of his film. We here at Dread Central hate conversions as much as the next guy, but this is truly hilarious.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Leterrier remarked, “It was famously rushed and famously horrible. It was absolutely horrible, the 3D. Nothing was working, it was just a gimmick to steal money from the audience. I’m a good boy and I rolled with the punches and everything, but it’s not my movie. Clash of the Titans is not my movie. And ultimately that’s why I didn’t do the sequel.

It’s a fun action movie, all in all,” he continues. “Some people are really happy with the movie. I tried to do the best I could, but it was not the best experience of my life, I must say. I wasn’t protected. Talking about surrounding yourself with the right people — I felt like I was really thrown at the wolves.

Yes, 3D conversions are for the most part tacked on as a gimmick to inflate ticket prices, but dude, it’s a viewer’s choice. No one HAS to see the movie in 3D as it also plays in 2D. So the fact that the movie kind of sucked was all the conversion’s fault? It wasn’t your movie? Then how do you account for the fact that Clash of the Titans sucked in 2D too? Whatever.

Clash of the Titans

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  • addeisdead

    I’ll admit that I just saw the 1981 version when it was on TV this morning. Amazing how they actually bothered to try telling a story rather than just turning the whole thing into a bunch of senseless action scenes.

  • Rob

    Well they also cut out about 40 minutes and reworked most of the scenes to make Zeus more of a good guy when in fact in the original cut of the film he was a giant raging douche for the entire movie, which, if you look at the old stories in Greek mythology, is accurate. I mean this is the guy who raped a woman in the form of a swan.

  • Terminal

    Three years after collecting our money, now he admits it sucked. Whatever.