First Look at Xbox One and the Future of Entertainment

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First Look at Xbox One and the Future of EntertainmentToday Microsoft revealed the new completely redesigned Xbox One, which will soon become your all-in-one entertainment system to create experiences like no other. The system will instantly recognize you and will do away with manual login and annoying system updates.

If that wasn’t cool enough, Xbox One will remember what you were last doing and resume it instantly through cloud integration. Simple commands will allow you to watch live TV, and instant switching will allow users to quickly switch between TV, listening to music, and playing games within seconds. The new Snap Mode will allow users to run multiple programs alongside each other so you can watch TV and surf the web simultaneously. Xbox One will also contain a new sports offering which will allow you to manage your fantasy football team and look at stats on the same screen that you are watching the big game on. And for once you won’t have to stop what you are doing to take a phone call since users will also be able to take Skype calls directly on their television while they are gaming or watching shows.

The new Xbox One Guide will help users discover and watch TV through voice control commands, search, favorites, and trendy. Now you can pin all your favorite shows to one place and browse trendy to check out the most popular shows within the Xbox community. Xbox One finally puts the user at the center of their entertainment and is the beginning of truly intelligent TV. Xbox One has a new elegant design backed by raw power that will offer faster human control for a more human experience. Xbox One is a system where all of your devices will work together in harmony to create a lag-free and instant entertainment experience. Microsoft will release 15 exclusive game titles in its first year with 8 of these titles being brand new franchises. Get ready, gamers; Xbox One will launch around the world later this year!

Xbox One Features/Highlights

  • All-in-One Entertainment: It will recognize not only your name and voice but your preferences.
  • New Controls: Control your entertainment with voice and hand commands. You will be able to turn the console on by just saying “Xbox on” and will let you finish whatever you were doing last. This will also be integrated with your television and allow you to watch your favorite shows by saying “Xbox, watch TV.”
  • Do Several Things At Once: Snap mode will allow you to watch TV, play games, or Skype while you run other apps, simultaneously and smoothly.
  • Watch TV Easily: Watch live TV, ESPN and other favorite shows easily straight from your Xbox One. For sports fans, update cards will appear when your fantasy team scores or stats are updated–making managing your fantasy teams easier than ever before. Microsoft has added its very own TV Guide which has full voice commands to find what you want to watch, when you want it.
  • New Hardware: The new Kinect combined with Smartglass is set to give gamers a brand new Xbox Live. A new architecture will allow for quickly switching between apps and other content. The redesigned Kinect will feature a 1080p sensor, detect motion at a 13 billionths of a second, capture videos at 60fps. It will even be able to detect your heartbeat while you exercise. Gamers will receive more advanced matching making and even a DVR tool that will allow them to capture highlights of their gameplay.
  • Redesigned Controller: New cross-shaped D-Pad for precision, integrated battery compartment, WiFi Direct and even impulse triggers for extra feedback.
  • Partnership with EA Games: EA is changing the way you play with its new engine EA Sports Ignite with FIFA 14, Madden 25, NBA Live 14, and UFC coming to Xbox One. Decision-making and movement will be more realistic with this new engine. True Player Motion will offer ten times the detail to animation to make everything appear more realistic with intricate movements becoming more noticeable.
  • Exclusive Games: Over 15 game titles will release for the Xbox One in its first year alone such as Forza Motorsport 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Quantum Break. And 8 of these titles will be completely new franchises.
  • More Immersive Entertainment: The system will offer smart recommendations based on your preferences.

    Other Confirmed Items

  • Xbox One Will Not Function Without Kinect Attached. Kinect WILL BE INCLUDED at no additional cost.
  • Gamerscore Will Port Over to Xbox One
  • Xbox One Does NOT Require an Always On Internet Connection
  • Xbox One Not Backwards Compatible. Movies and Music Purchases Will Carry Over. Games WILL NOT!

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