Moore Thinks You Suck

Do you know who Christopher Moore is? Does the name ring any bells at all? If you’re a fan of horror and comedy, mixed together in an absolutely brilliant concoction, that name should be setting off bells and whistles left and right.

Though he’s never really done a straightforward “horror” book, his first novel, Bloodsucking Freaks, was about vampires; and since then he’s gone on to write about all manner of strange creatures and happenings from giant sea monsters to demons to the devil himself. And he’s not just a good writer; he’s a fucking hilariously good writer.

The folks over at Creature Corner learned that Moore’s next novel, titled simply You Suck, is a direct sequel to Freaks, marking the first time he’s ever sequelized one of his stories before, though he does feature recurring characters in most of them. It’s due out on January 16th, which is way too long to wait for more Moore but does give you plenty of time to get out there and read at least one book by him if you haven’t yet. Trust me; it won’t be the last!

Click here to visit Moore’s official site, where you can learn more about the man and his brilliant work, then here to pre-order the book through Evilshop!

Johnny Butane

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