New Wolf Creek 2 One-Sheet is Both Evil and Dead on Arrival

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New Wolf Creek 2 One-Sheet is Both Evil and Dead on ArrivalLoving homage? Blatant rip-off? Joke gone awry? All of those descriptions could easily apply to this new sales art for Wolf Creek 2, but no matter how you slice it… it’s just not good. See for yourself.

Directed by Greg Mclean, written by Mclean and Aaron Sterns, and produced by Helen Leake (Swerve, Black and White, Heavens Burning), Greg Mclean, and Steve Topic (Crawlspace), the sequel started production seven years after the original Wolf Creek hit screens internationally in November of 2005. It not only gave Australian audiences an appetite for their own horror movies but showed the world a fresh, daring take on the genre. Selected to screen at Sundance and the Cannes Film Festival, it was supported by The Weinstein Company, who presented it to an international audience. It then went on to claim the title of the number one Australian film in 2005 and also became the highest grossing Australian R18+ film of all time.

Wolf Creek 2 will be distributed in Australia by Roadshow Films. International sales are being handled by Arclight Films.

Lured by the promise of an Australian holiday, backpackers Rutger, Katarina, and Paul visit the notorious Wolf Creek Crater. Their dream Outback adventure soon becomes an horrific reality when they encounter the site’s most infamous local, the last man any traveler to the region ever wants to meet: Mick Taylor (John Jarratt).

As the backpackers flee, Mick pursues them on an epic white-knuckled rampage across hostile wasteland. Only one will remain to be dragged back to his lair to witness the true magnitude of his monstrosity. And if the last man standing is to have any hope of surviving where no one else has survived before, he’ll have to use every ounce of cunning to outwit the man behind the monster and become every bit as ruthless as the monster inside the man.

Wolf Creek 2

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  • James Coker

    ill see this. but only because i felt McClean’s ROGUE is the best killer crocodile movie ever made

  • kiddcapone

    “Based on actual events…”

    And by actual events, they mean someone somewhere went missing and the writers made up a story to fill in the blanks.

    If Wolf Creek is the most terrifying Australian movie ever made, all the horror movies in Australia must really suck.

  • Screamz

    Loved the first one and have been waiting anxiously for a sequel. Glad it looks like it’s finally happening.

    I think the poster is rather funny. It’s keeping in tone with the Wolf Creek brand as the first film was a deranged send-up of the genre. With that said, though, I agree that the whole “based on true events” needs to go. Every horror film these days, it seems, uses that tagline…

  • Terminal

    The first one sucked ass, so no thanks on this one.

  • addeisdead

    The synopsis is worse than the art, in my opinion. And I think they can abandon the “based on true events” tagline by now.