Exclusive: Jason Eisener and Rob Cotterill Talk Hobo with a Shotgun and More

Wrestling didn’t only influence the director’s look of the movie; it almost was part of his casting process as well. Eisener said, “When we were developing the character of The Drake, we actually had wanted Jake “The Snake” Roberts to play him.”

“Yeah, he finally heard at one point we were considering him for the role and he contacted Jason on Facebook saying ‘hey, I heard you were looking for me’ but funny enough, that was actually just a few weeks ago,” said Cotterill.

“Originally, when we were first entertaining the idea of having Jake as The Drake, we got in an amazing audition from Brian Downey who ends up playing The Drake in the film. Once I saw it, I realized I had my Drake right there but I would still love to work with Jake one day,” Eisener added.

Both Cotterill and Eisener discussed the evolution of Hobo’s nefarious crime family composed of The Drake and his demented sons Ivan (Nick Bateman) and Slick (Gregory Smith) whose reign of terror becomes challenged when Hauer’s hobo gets fed up with their deadly antics.

Cotterill explained, “The Drake originally started off as a classic drug-dealing crime lord that you’d see in 80s movies but during the process of developing that character, he evolved into this circus ringleader that becomes a figurehead to this crazy circus of people running around town.”

“Brian, Nick and Greg all sort of worked together and teamed up to bring this insane family to life. That’s the great thing when you’re working with awesome actors- they just come into production with amazing enthusiasm and ideas that breathe life into your characters in ways that exceed any expectations you may have had when you were originally envisioning them,” added Eisener.

When Eisener was dreaming up the demented world of Hobo with a Shotgun, he imagined that the film would have a polarizing effect on audiences. However, since it seems like his vision is being widely lauded as one of the best times theater-goers will have all year, we asked Eisener to discuss his feelings about the reaction Hobo has been receiving since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.

“I think the overall reception of Hobo has been so surreal for me,” explained Eisener. “When we finished the movie, we really thought that this was something that was going to divide audiences and that was something we were completely cool with. But it seems like all across the board, everyone has really been open to our crazy little story and they’ve gotten behind it full-force and I am so amazed by that. Honestly, I was never expecting all of this and it’s strange but even some of my favorite reviewers growing up are now writing positive reviews of my movie and that’s just so crazy to me.”

Now that Eisener and Cotterill are both about to enjoy the release of Hobo in theaters, they’re already focused on their next project which is a send up of 80s martial arts films (which we first reported on in March) they both grew up loving. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t stories left to be told in Hope Town.
Eisener said, “Right now, we’re staying completely focused on our next movie which is our twisted version of a martial arts film that takes place in a high school. But we’ve always been entertaining the idea of a sequel to Hobo with a Shotgun since the very beginning and there is still a Plague treatment that’s finished too.”

“There are definitely a lot of tales in the world of our Hobo. In fact, the Hobo may or may not be dead. You just never know- but I bet fans can get a clue about the Hobo’s status if they watch the movie until the very end,” added Cotterill.

For all things Hobo With a Shotgun (review here) related you can check out the official Hobo With a Shotgun website here.

Exclusive: Jason Eisener and Rob Cotterill Talk Hobo with a Shotgun and More

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