Exclusive Set Visit Report: Dread Central Checks Out Final Night of Chillerama Shoot and Teaser Art Debut

What brought everyone from Chillerama together for the final night of shooting the project was the movie’s final scene, where in a twist that is a bit of The Wizard of Oz meets Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, the four filmmakers were joined by their talented players in a scene that had them all watching and reacting to the very movie they were all a part of as it played on the big screen.

And since Green, Lynch, Rifkin and Sullivan were all busy being participants in the flick, Jason R. Miller (who has been heavily involved with many ArieScope Pictures productions after his start as Green’s assistant) stepped in to serve as director for the segment that night.

Everything that final night of shooting ran like a well-oiled machine as shooting wrapped just two hours after the camera first began rolling. To reward the participants at the shoot, Green shared his Chillerama contribution- The Diary of Anne Frankenstein- with the eager audience. He discussed how the tone of Anne Frankenstein was similar to the countless short films he’s done over the years and how amazed he was by the fact that the shoot was even able to happen despite some precarious injuries to vital crew members.

“I've made almost 60 short films in my career so far and they are something that I am constantly putting out online all year round,” explained Green. “The main reason I do them is because they remind me of why I got into this career in the first place and they allow me to just have fun. When you start only being creative for the bigger paychecks, you're sort of done as an artist in my opinion. The shorts keep things grounded and they keep my crew and I laughing. So when I was first approached with CHILLERAMA and asked to participate in the film it was really a no-brainer. I mean, even if the four of us hadn't gotten together to make this movie, I would have been making a short film like Anne Frankenstein on my own anyway in one way or another. I'm a comedian at heart and so I kind of NEED stuff like this to keep me sane.”

“Anne Frankenstein was by far the most enjoyable shoot I've had yet. We all laughed until we couldn't breathe each day on set. And that was no easy feat as some of us were nursing major injuries during that shoot. I was directing with a dislocated shoulder (an injury I had sustained while shooting 2010's Road to Fright Fest short film series the very day before I started shooting Anne) and my sound mixer was operating the boom with two bullet wounds that he had sustained the night before shooting. Yeah, that's right. Bullet wounds. Dude got shot twice and still showed up to set and did his job perfectly. As if the Frozen shoot wasn't enough to prove it, I think that Vic powering through this shoot while nursing two gunshot wounds proves once and for all that my crew is more badass than any other out there,” added Green.

Rifkin, whose still busy putting the final touches on Wadzilla, discussed his cinematic influences when coming up with his story. “Wadzilla has its slimy, slippery, squiggly roots way back in my monster movie madness days. Growing up in Chicago, most of the horror fare I watched as a kid I saw on the Son Of Svengoolie Show. Sven is the local horror show host who introduced me to so many classic films, as well as tons of B-grade exploitation fare like The Blob, The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, Tarantula, Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman, Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster, and many many others.”

“Those atomic era ‘giant monster on a rampage’ movies were always a hoot and just seemed ripe for ribbing in Wadzilla but if I was going to have some fun lampooning the genre, and make a movie about an enormous beast destroying New York, I wanted to make damn sure I picked a giant monster that nobody saw coming...so to speak,” Rifkin added.

Not only were the four gentleman at the helm of Chillerama nice enough to have Dread Central out for their last night of production, they also wanted to exclusively share with our readers the first look at the Chillerama teaser poster as a way to thank the fans for all their unwavering support throughout the years.

CHILLERAMA truly is a movie made by fans for the fans,” explained Sullivan. “Case in point- the Chillerama teaser art. When 21 year old Arkansas fan and budding filmmaker Brandon Gramling first heard of the project, he created an image and sent it to us. We were so humbled and blown away by it, we just had to use it and now Brandon’s fan art has become the official Chillerama teaser poster."

Check out some quick shots of the shoot below and look for more on Chillerama very soon. A special thank you to Green, Lynch, Rifkin and Sullivan for making time for DC and for inviting us out for the big night.

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