Exclusive Set Visit Report: Dread Central Checks Out Final Night of Chillerama Shoot and Teaser Art Debut

This writer has been to the beloved New Beverly Cinema countless times over the last several years, but not for something nearly as cool as what I experienced last Wednesday night. Last week, the four masterminds behind the upcoming horror anthology Chillerama- Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan- all converged with their relative casts in tow to the revival theater to shoot the final scenes of the film.

Green explained the reasoning behind wanting to shoot at the New Beverly, a place I know that he and the other directors have spent countless nights at throughout the years. “The New Beverly is such a special, special place to all Los Angeles' cinefiles and most of the working genre directors have spent a lot of time there over the years. From the old grindhouse double features to the random midnight horror selections to my own ‘Evening with Adam Green’ night there last spring, the New Beverly has been so much more than just a hang out.”

“This theater has been something very real in the center of a city of make-believe. To be wrapping up Chillerama's shoot and showcasing the New Beverly within the film... it just feels right. Sitting back in my seat tonight and knowing that we're permanently including this special place in our film, it's just joyous. They say ‘film is forever’ and with Chillerama, the New Beverly will be forever now too,” added Green.

The shoot marked the first time all four casts were together in one place at the same time which was a monumental experience for Sullivan. He discussed how the project came about and his feelings being on set that final night of shooting.

“Walking up to the New Beverly and seeing Chillerama on the marquee was literally a dream come true,” said Sullivan. “Rifkin and I conjured up this crazy idea back in 1998 when we were working on Detroit Rock City together. We always knew this would be made when the right creative partners came along, and being able to make a monster movie with Adam Green and Joe Lynch was worth every second of a very long wait. I never felt this giddy about anything I have been involved with. It was like being back at film school. The four of us are fans at heart, and we made Chillerama to remind people of the excitement we felt discovering our favorite fright flicks for the first time.”

For those who may not be familiar withChillerama, let me bring you up to speed. The anthology project is comprised of four different films that were created as an homage to the old drive-in movies that many of us horror fans grew up on.

Rifkin explained, “When we all decided to roll up our sleeves and team up on this insane movie. We intentionally set out to have as much fun with the genre as possible and we were determined to take all the elements that made us laugh and scream as kids and notch them up to the extreme. Our collective goal with Chillerama is to make the most outrageous movie anyone's ever seen.”

The four segments that fans can look forward to in Chillerama are I Was a Teenage Werebear by Sullivan, The Diary of Anne Frankenstein by Green, Wadzilla by Rifkin and Zom-B-Movie by Lynch.

It was right about the time the foursome set out to start production on Chillerama, Lynch got the news that another project he was set to helm, Knights of Badassdom, had unexpectedly been given the green light, which put the director in an interesting predicament.

“Having to juggle two very exciting projects like Knights of Badassdom and Chillerama is a great difficulty to have, truth be told,” said Lynch. ”Both films were developing around the same time but it was always ‘which is going to shoot first? Nah, they'll probably never conflict, right?’ Wrong. Just when we were about to shoot some of my contributions to Chillerama in May of 2010, we were greenlit for Knights.”

“But the cinema gods shined down on us constantly so it actually worked out for the best; the other directors got to shoot and work on their segment while I was in Spokane, WA playing with foam swords and fake blood. Then after we returned to Los Angeles, edited the film and delivered my first cut of KOB for review, it was perfect timing to go and finally shoot mine, since it takes place at night. So it was a lot of juggling and lack of sleep, but damn if we didn't make it work. Again, doing a fantasy movie AND a no-holds-barred anthology at a drive-in theater with some of my dearest friends within the span of six months? Those are amazing problems to have,” added Lynch.

And while Lynch wouldn’t divulge too much on his Chillerama segment, he did tease this much for fans. “In terms of my segment itself, I don't want to give too much away yet other than that its very much the ‘bridging story’ to the anthology to give context to watching these outrageous ‘obscure’ films, but with a few twists. And yes, my contribution will be quite literally ‘balls out’ and I think Peter Jackson, Roger Corman and Russ Meyer would be proud of what we’ve made.”

Lynch added, “But it’s all in good fun as Chillerama (and specifically the characters, setting and story of Zom-B-Movie) was always designed to be this scrappy celebration of the genre movies we love and how movie culture (favorite scenes, quotes, celebrities, filmmakers, etc.) filters into in our lives. I’m excited for people to see the shit we pulled off ... again, literally.”

Check out the newly released teaser art below and click next to read on for some behind-the-scenes footage!

Exclusive Set Visit Report:  Dread Central Checks Out Final Night of Chillerama Shoot and Teaser Art Debut (click for larger image)