The Sounds of Headspace

The soundtrack for Headspace (click to see it full size!)It’s pretty rare these days that any attention is given to a horror film’s score, both in terms of its composition and its availability separate from the film itself, which is a shame because there is a large contingent of horror/sci fi fans who share an obsession with the music of our genre. Luckily for those people we have good companies like Varese Sarabande and Sweden’s MovieScore Media.

The latter of those companies has its focus on the ‘net, being one of the only companies out there to offer quality soundtracks exclusively online. To date they’ve handled the scores for Ti West’s The Roost, Mikael Hafstrom’s Evil, and Courtney Soloman’s An American Haunting, to name just a few. Their latest acquisition is the soundtrack for Andrew van den Houten’s Headspace, which was put together by Ryan Shore, nephew of famed composer Howard Shore.

You don’t really need to see Headspace to enjoy this score, but it’ll likely help quite a bit (get the DVD right here). MovieScore Media has the soundtrack available for download via iTunes right now, but if you’re hesitant, you can always check out their official site to sample it. I hope they keep it up and continue to focus their attention on the independent side of our genre, who put no less effort in creating their score than the majors but get far too little attention for their works.

Johnny Butane

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