Second Generation Scream Queen Gabrielle Stone Talks Speak No Evil; Poster Premiere

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Second Generation Scream Queen Gabrielle Stone Talks Speak No Evil; Poster PremiereGabrielle Stone, daughter of the legendary actress and scream queen Dee Wallace, is busting out on her own in a new film entitled Speak No Evil. The beautiful young rising star took some time to talk with Dread Central about the role and her future endeavors.

Stone spoke on her background and growing up as the daughter of a very busy actress. “I grew up in the business,” Stone said. “My mom is Dee Wallace, who they call a legendary scream queen. She was the mom in E.T. and Cujo, and she was in The Howling. And my father, Christopher Stone, was also an actor, so I kind of grew up in the business on set with them. I always knew I wanted to be a part of the business, but when I did my first short film is when I realized I didn’t ever want to do anything else again.”

And she’s certainly thrown herself into her profession, with excellent results. “I’ve been doing mostly independents,” Stone said. “I did two short films that went to the Holly Shorts Festival in LA and won two awards there. And one is actually being developed into a feature right now. After that it was on to feature length independents, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the rest of the time so far.”

Stone certainly has a great role model to follow as her mother blazed an amazing trail for her. “I wasn’t here for Cujo and ET,” the 24-year old-actress said. “In fact I didn’t see Cujo or The Howling until I was 15 or 16, and I remember the first time seeing Cujo was when I finally felt really, really safe in my house because I was like ‘Okay, my mom is a badass and can handle a shotgun.'”

In fact the pair are out promoting films together for the first time with Wallace on the road for The Lords of Salem and Stone for Speak No Evil. They crossed paths last weekend at Motor City Nightmares Convention. “It’s cool,” Stone said. “When they called me to let me know I was doing Motor City in Detroit, I brought it up to my mom, and she was like ‘Oh my God, I’ll be there, too!’ So we both got booked completely separately.”

Stone gave us some insight on her new film, Speak No Evil. “It’s technically a horror film, but I see it as a lot more of a plot-driven film,” Stone said. “It’s mostly about the story, in my eyes. The horror adds to it, but it’s definitely more of an artsy picture, which is why I was so attracted to the script in the first place. It wasn’t just another horror film; it’s very plot-driven, very character driven, which I love. And it’s really based on the artsiness and the detail of it. It’s not a slasher gore film.”

But don’t let the fact that Stone describes this film as a more artsy project make you think it was an easy shoot for her. “It definitely was physical,” Stone said. “When I read the script I wasn’t thinking or preparing myself for that, but there were a couple of scenes in particular. One I had a lot of running to do and I was carrying my daughter. And in the film my daughter is 13 years old, so she’s not like a tiny girl; she’s like a full-grown little girl. So I was picking her up and running. I was working muscles I don’t normally work at the gym. There were days I went home in a lot of pain. There was one day where we were filming a lot of the physically demanding fight stuff outside, and of course, it was the one day where the wind was just ridiculous and we were getting beaten up by the weather. And then you add blood and physical stuff into it, and you’re just on a whole other level.”

The film is directed by Roze, whom Stone absolutely adored working with. “Roze has done a lot of stuff, but this is his second full-length feature,” Stone said. “His first was Deadfall Trail, which was fabulous. I actually saw it before I signed on for Speak No Evil, and that was kind of what sealed the deal for me in this one. He is a fantastic director and such a talented, artistic spirit. He just gets it. Whether it’s horror or anything else, he can put a spin on it that makes it different. Some of the shots and the cinematography that you’ll see in Speak No Evil are like paintings that transcend onto the screen. The way he sets up his shots and the creativity around him just make him absolutely beautiful, and it really highlights his talents. He’s going to be huge very, very soon.”

Speak No Evil

As for Stone herself, although she’s had some experience in horror now, she doesn’t necessarily feel an inborn pull to the genre. “I’ve done a bunch of horror films, and I love getting bloody and all the fun and F/X stuff that comes with it,” Stone said. “The next film I’m scheduled to do is a zombie movie, so I love the horror genre. I think the fans are awesome and they are definitely fun pictures to do, but it’s not all that I’m interested in doing. I’m not genetically drawn to it, but it does run in the family. I’ve gotten the comparison to my mom I think because she’s cute and blonde and in horror films, and I’m cute and blonde and in horror films. So I’m compared to her a lot, which is great because I think she’s amazingly talented and she’s a huge role model in my life.”

Stone gave the schedule for Speak No Evil and her future plans. “We’re doing the world premiere in Arizona on May 24, then the LA premiere is May 30,” Stone said. This is fitting as the movie was shot primarily in Apache Junction and Scottsdale, AZ. “It’s going to be at the Phoenix ComicCon, we’re going to the Motor City Nightmares, We’re going to Niagara Falls, and we have another Detroit premiere, a West Virginia premiere, then it has a limited theatrical release that goes out after all that.”

Stone then moves on to several new projects. “I’m signed on for another movie in Arizona called Grief, which is another indie, directed by Kevin Fitz,” Stone said. “It’s not horror, but more of a psychological mind twist drama, and I’m actually the lightest character in the whole thing so I’m really excited about that. I get a more fun, easy, light part. Then in September I go to the, Poconos and I’m doing a film called The Elephant’s Graveyard with my mom and co-starring Billy Zane. That’s directed by Harrison Smith and I’m looking forward to that, too. This will be the first big budget film that we’ve gotten a chance to do together so we’re looking forward to that. We actually don’t have that many scenes together. She plays my boyfriend’s mother so I think we have maybe one scene together. But for the rest of the time I’m in a different part of the film than she’s in.”

Sounds like the future is solid for Stone…it’s in the blood.

Speak No Evil is the story of Anna, a single mother fighting to protect her daughter from demonically possessed children and a town gone mad.

Speak No Evil

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