Ryuhei Kitamura Talks Versus 2 in 2014

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Cinema Today (translated by Nippon Cinema)

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Ryuhei Kitamura Talks Versus 2 in 2014Well, here’s some news we weren’t expecting this weekend. While on stage yesterday for the Tokyo premiere of No One Lives, director Ryuhei Kitamura made the unexpected announcement that he’ll be making a sequel to his internationally beloved 2000 action/horror film Versus sometime next year.

According to Cinema Today (as translated by Nippon Cinema), Kitamura was talking about how he’ll soon return to working in Asia and mentioned that he’ll be doing a Versus sequel in 2014, confidently adding, “The lead actor [Tak Sakaguchi] is retired, but I’ll get him to make a comeback. He’ll do it if I do it.”

We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for updates, but in the meantime here’s a reminder of what the original is about:

There are 666 portals that connect this world to the other side. These are concealed from all human beings. Somewhere in Japan exists the 444th portal…. the Forest of Resurrection.

Deep within the mysterious Forest of Resurrection, the spectacular battle between good and evil has gone on since the dawn of time. When Prisoner KSC2-303 escapes from a maximum security jail, he enters the forest believing it will lead him to a safe haven. Instead, he finds himself a pawn in an endless struggle played out against an ever-changing background across multiple temporal planes of existence. His opponent: a mysterious man who seemingly cannot be killed. The battle to be waged between these warriors: Good versus Evil in the pursuit of a beautiful woman who holds the power to grant eternal life. But what Prisoner KSC2-303 cannot remember is whether he is the personification of good or the very essence of darkness.

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  • Rottenjesus

    HOLY SHIT! This is awesome news! I have the director’s cut of the original and it still is one of my favorite Japanese horror action movies.

  • kiddcapone

    I loved Verses. This is awesome news!