New Grimm Creature Profile: Meet the Fuchsteufelwild

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New Grimm Creature Profile: Meet the FuchsteufelwildAt the end of March in “Grimm” Episode 2.16, “Nameless,” we first met the Wesen known as a Fuchsteufelwild. NBC has released another profile that features this scary, goblin-like creature whose fingernails slice through its victims like butter.

Per the “Grimm” Wiki:

The Fuchsteufelwild (FOOKS-toy-fuhl-vilt; pl. -wilder, Ger. fuchsteufelswild, “furious as a fox-devil”) is highly sadistic and loves to play intricate games with its victims. While the nature of the games varies, they all have one thing in common: The victim must guess the Fuchsteufelwild’s name, which is always an anagram of the letters that make up the name Rumpelstiltskin. Due to their enormous egos, Fuchstefelwilder will become violent if they feel like they are about to lose and will frequently try to kill their victims. If they know there is no way they can win, Fuchsteufelwilder will often commit suicide. Despite their formidable offensive capabilities, Fuchsteufelwilder prefer to take on their prey one at a time via ambush; likely stemming from their small stature. If faced with multiple well armed foes, Fuchsteufelwilder will run. Fuchsteufelwilder are particularly terrified of Grimms.

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When woged (i.e., changing into Wesen form), Fuchsteufelwilder gain green skin, sharply pointed ears and nose, as well as fangs. Most notably their four fingers fuse into two large digits from which extend razor-sharp fingernails. From their nails drips a highly corrosive acid, which is generated from the muscles in their hands. When the acid is used in conjunction with their nails, Fuchsteufelwilder can cut through flesh like a hot knife through butter. Despite being small in stature, Fuchsteufelwilder can leap incredible heights and distances, even while in human form. Fuchsteufelwilder are highly intelligent and clever, which allows them to concoct their highly elaborate plans. When they woge, their voices get higher and more shrill.

Be sure to tune in tonight (April 26th) for Episode 2.18, “Volcanalis,” the show’s final Friday night installment before it moves to its new home on Tuesdays beginning April 30th.

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New Grimm Creature Profile: Meet the Fuchsteufelwild

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