Scream 4 Press Conference Coverage: Anthony Anderson, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere and Rory Culkin

Even though Craven was very supportive of his actors, that doesn’t mean he was willing to let most of them in on some of the secrets surrounding the killers in Scream 4. Both Anderson and Panettiere, who hadn’t seen the movie at the time of the press conference, were surprised to find out they were duped early on by both Craven and producers about the film’s resolution.

Anderson said, “I actually haven’t even seen the movie yet so I just found out who the killers were today during an interview. That will tell you how secretive everything has been on Scream 4. My script never even had an ending on it- That’s how tight Wes kept things. Besides, you can’t trust actors with anything these days so I think that was a good idea on his part.”

“I still haven’t seen the movie either so I think they kind of lied to all of us on set to keep us confused, too, because I know they told me at one point who the killer was. But from what I’ve heard today, that’s definitely not who they told me was Ghostface so even we were kept in the dark. But that’s part of the fun of the Scream franchise- You just never know who the killer will end up being,” Panettiere added.

With new victims and a new generation of fans, that meant Craven and writers Kevin Williamson and Ehren Krueger had to come up with some new rules. Scream 4’s newcomers discussed their thoughts setting some new rules of the horror genre.

“Being the only person of color in this installment, you might think you know what’s going to happen to my character, but you never know,” explained Anderson. “Since it’s a new decade and new rules, I might actually make it out of it alive- Or at the very least, I should make it through the opening credits.”

Panettiere added, “Well, since my character Kirby is most definitely not a virgin, it’s quite possible I may not make it out either. But I guess with the new rules, though, even virgins can die so there are a lot of possibilities on victims in part four. No one is safe around Ghostface this time.”

Roberts said that there is one hard and fast rule that hasn’t changed since the first Scream hit theaters in 1996. “The one thing that hasn’t changed is that if you’re in your underwear, you’re dead. No one besides Sidney in the first one ever has ever survived Ghostface after being in their underwear onscreen. He apparently doesn’t like girls running around in their bras or something.”

Culkin, who plays film geek Charlie in Scream 4, discussed why he thinks Ghostface has become an iconic horror killer and what has kept him a chilling onscreen presence for fans for 15 years now.

“One of the reasons I think Ghostface is so scary is because he’s always a different person with different motives,” explained Culkin. “At the start of each movie, you don’t really know what this Ghostface’s motives are, and that uncertainty makes him so terrifying.”

“One of the really creepy things to me in Scream 4 is that everything is back in Woodsboro, and this massacre and Sidney’s legacy has been hanging over the whole town for ten years now. But the people there are actually celebrating it and celebrating Ghostface, which is a little twisted if you ask me,” Culkin added.

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 Scream 4 Press Conference Coverage: Anthony Anderson, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere and Rory Culkin

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