Bates Motel Recap: Episode 1.06 – The Truth

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Bates Motel: Recap of Episode 1.06 - The TruthNorma was really dedicated to her lie about Keith Summer’s murder last week, wasn’t she? You know that her joy would only be shortlived. Now that Norma has learn the worst of Deputy Shelby, what would she do to him next?

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you haven’t watched the episode yet. This is a recap with specific details from this episode. Continue only if you have already watched it.

Norma was still in shock from the news about Deputy Shelby while staring into the night from the porch. Emma was concerned but Norman shrugged it off as Norma needing time to absorb the new information. While they were talking, Norma just up and went to her car. Norman tried to stop her but she tried to push him away. Norman jumped into the car and struggled with her as she drove around and around the Bates Motel neon sign, yelling obscenities (the basic cable kind) but Norman managed to calm and stop her. Norman promised a crying Norma that they’ll get him. Did you see when Norman threw the car keys out?

Dylan made contact with his boss, Gil and relayed all that happened to Ethan. When asked if Dylan would recognize the shooter, he confessed that he kill him already and apologized profusely. Boss Gil was impressed and even explained how Dylan could dump Ethan’s truck and destroy all the evidence. Moving up in the crime organization, we see.

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Dylan got a new partner, Remo, a seasoned professional who worked for Gil for 23 years. Dylan was nervous about his new partner but it turned out that Remo was now working for Dylan.

Norma brought food to the freed Asian slave while she was sleeping and thought of an idea. Back in the living room, when Emma suggested bringing the girl to the police because “no one would believe there’s an Asian sex slave ring without her”, Norma convinced Emma to wait so that Norma could talk to the girl first to get her to cooperate. When Norma learned about Emma’s mother leaving her family, Norma showed her mother instinct to Emma. Was Norma playing Emma’s emotion? After Emma drove away, Norma announced to Norman that they had to get the belt first before going to any police stations.

Norma and Norman were discussing getting the belt back when Dylan walked in on them. After getting all caught up, Dylan took charge and had Norman bring him to the boat where the Asian girl was kept. Losing a partner and being promoted really gave his ego a boost, didn’t it? Even Norma was impressed.

Bates Motel: Recap of Episode 1.06 - The Truth - Norma & Zack

Driving to the boat, Dylan told Norman about the ocean view place he got and asked Norman to join him. While searching the boat, we also learned how Norman’s father died. Dylan theorized that Norman was unhappy and killed him for the insurance money. Norman, of course, could not believe that. Jackpot, they found the belt.

Back at the house, Norma was waiting in the dark when she heard a car come up. Excitingly, she thought the boys were back but when she went outside, she was greeted by Deputy Shelby who tried to seduce her right on her front porch. Despite her protests, the deputy convinced Norma to head to a motel room with him.

Dylan threw the belt into the harbor and Norman thanked him.

At a motel room, Norma was having sex with the deputy so dispassionately that he lost interest. Norma tried to blame that off on being worried about Norman. But before the deputy could start again, he heard noises nearby and went off to check, gun a blazing, to the room where the freed Asian sex slave was staying.

Outside the door, Norma tried to lie but was caught by the deputy. Right then, the sex slave opened the door, spotted the deputy, and ran off into the night. That discovery scene was kinda amusing, wasn’t it?

When Norma threw off the deputy’s aim to shoot the girl, he threw Norma to the ground and ran off after the girl.

Dylan arrived home and announced that they got rid of the belt and that Norman would move in with him. Before Norman could even protest, a stunned Norma informed everyone about Deputy Shelby chasing after the girl. She started yelling at Norman why he would leave her. Norman asked her point blank if she killed his father and she denied it.

While they were arguing, Deputy Shelby snuck up with his gun on them. After Dylan surrendered his gun, the deputy marched everyone up to the house.

At the house, the deputy became deranged and started to blame everything on Norman. Norma became alarmed and pleaded with the deputy to not hurt Norman. That only incensed the deputy more and he started beating on Norma. Watching his mother being beaten, Norman became enraged and attacked the deputy who dropped Dylan’s gun. After Norman was knocked unconscious, Dylan and the deputy started a shootout. The wounded deputy chased Dylan upstairs while Norma tried to carry Norma outside. She even managed a 911 call before getting Norman into her car.

They saw gun fire in the upstairs windows. Waiting anxiously in the car, a badly wounded deputy staggered out towards them but collapsed before he could fire. That scene looked funny and out of place, didn’t it?

Bates Motel: Recap of Episode 1.06 - The Truth - Norma & Dylan

When Dylan came out afterwards, Norma rushed to him and hugged him tight. Is this the first time we see Norma acting motherly towards Dylan?

After checking the dead deputy’s pulse, Dylan and Norma noticed Norman in a trance sitting in the car. It was then that Norma finally explained to Dylan what happened the night Norman’s father died.

Norma and Norman’s father, Sam, were fighting in the living room but when it was violent, Norman who was in the kitchen, went into a trance and attacked Sam with a blender. Norman was still unresponsive afterwards and Norma dragged the body into the garage and made it looked like an accident. When Norman woke up, we were back to the pilot episode’s opening scene.

Norma told Dylan that they had to protect Norman. The cops arrived.

Whoa! Did you see this twist coming? All along we thought Norman was driven insane by his mother. How wrong were we? Looked like he got there all by himself. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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