Devilish Fun Comes To PC and Consoles With God Mode

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Devilish Fun Comes To PC and Consoles With God ModeGod Mode is now available for PC and Xbox Live. Players will enter into old school fun in this intense third-person arcade shooter. Read on to jump into hellish combat against a variety of creatures that includes skeletons, demons and many more.

From the Press Release
God Mode, the third-person arcade shooter developed by Old School Games, a subsidiary of Saber Interactive, and published by ATLUS, an Index Digital Media, Inc. brand, is now available to download worldwide on Steam and Xbox LIVE Arcade, and coming to PlayStation Network in the U.S. on April 23. God Mode pits players against waves of demonic hordes as they use plenty of death-dealing instruments such as plasma cannons, miniguns and what’s affectionately known as the “buzzsaw” to claw through the depths of hell one corpse at a time. God Mode is a download-only title, and priced at $9.99 for Steam and PlayStation Network, and 800 Microsoft Points for Xbox LIVE Arcade. (Prices may vary in international territories.)

God Mode is an intense third-person arcade shooter. It avoids getting bogged down in silly things like “story” in favor of old-school, co-op action. God Mode also adds Tests of Faith – various tweaks to gameplay that range from beneficial to diabolical to ensure that every stage becomes a unique experience.


  • Devilish Value: Developed by Old School Games, God Mode is all about the pick-up-and-play fun of classic shooters modernized with 3D graphics and online multiplayer co-op in a value-priced package ($9.99, prices may vary in international territories).
  • Demonic Variety: Four player co-op, customizable outfits, upgradeable weapons, five different stages, eight different difficulty modifiers, special powers, and more than 40 different Tests of Faith randomly challenge players with plenty of unique scenarios.
  • Hellish Combat: Spear-throwing skeletons, axe-wielding centurions, charging minotaurs that split into two smaller flaming-axe throwing demons, magic-hurling apparitions, giant club-swinging abominations, and more await players in the depths of the Pit. Not just one. Several. Multiple. Many. See the definition of “horde” to get a feel of the forces players must defeat to escape the clutches of hell.
  • Infernal Cooperation: As the saying goes, “four players are better than one.” Lobby-based online and LAN multiplayer make it easy to join up and fight to the finish – and be the first to truly achieve God mode.

    To learn more, visit the official God Mode website.

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