Theatre Owners Blaming R-Rated Movies for Low Ticket Sales

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The New York Times

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Theatre Owners Blaming R-Rated Movies for Low Ticket SalesSo what if movies like the recently released Evil Dead have raked in millions at the box office? I mean, who cares, right? Apparently not theatre owners, who have pleaded their case at CinemaCon Vegas that they need fewer R-rated films to help falling ticket sales bounce back.

At this year’s event John Fithian, president and chief executive of the National Association of Theater Owners, used the spotlight to complain about a glut of R-rated films. He said attendance had suffered this year because of “the weight of too many R-rated movies.

Make more family-friendly films and fewer R-rated titles,” Fithian said. “Americans have stated their choice.” North America is down 12 percent in box office sales so far this year compared to last. So of course R-rated movies are the problem. It couldn’t possibly be anything else like the advancement of home theatre technology and not having to deal with the constant annoyance of some morons and their friends texting each other and using their cellphones. No, that couldn’t be it at all. I mean, spending a ludicrous amount of money between ticket prices and concession stand goodies just to be completely distracted by a sea of dickheads with no regard for anyone but themselves is definitely not part of the problem. Why should the experience be enjoyable?

Not to mention the (poor) quality of the movies being churned out as a means to find the next phenomenon amongst young adults that are complete shit and under-perform because they suck and are sub-par pieces of bullshit with a neatly placed Hollywood bow on top. No way that could be part of the problem. It HAS to be the rating! Who cares about the millions brought in by movies like Ted, Evil Dead, and The Hangover franchise? Those are clearly just isolated instances. It’s the friggin’ R rating man! It has to be!


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  • Screamz

    Too many R-rated movies being release? I just counted in my local paper. Of the movies listed, 29 were rated PG-13 or lower. 12 were R. Admittedly, that is up. When I saw “Evil Dead” there were three R-rated movies playing. When I went to the preview screening of “Sinister” there was a whopping ONE R-rated film. Yep, definitely too many keeping families away.

    And, you know, the R-rated films I attend seem to have a lot more families in them than PG-13. I know because I usually spend the entire duration of the film listening to some kid crying or getting distracted by the kids playing “Star Wars” in front of the screen.

    Attendance is down because really good movies worth going to theaters are few and very far between. Ultimately, most people will do to a movie they think is going to be good regardless of the rating.

    Here’s an idea. Theater attendance is down, try lowering prices. Then maybe people will be more inclined to take a chance on a movie rather than wait for Redbox or Netflix. Just a thought…

  • Foywonder

    Box office is down because of R-rated movies? Like the $25 million Texas Chainsaw 3D opened to? Or the $26 million Evil Dead opened to? Or the $24 million A Good Day to Die Hard opened to? Or the $30 million Olympus has Fallen opened to? Or the $31 million Identity Thief opened to? Or the $24 million Zero Dark Thirty opened to? Or the $19 million that Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters opened to? Or the $28 million Django Unchained made in its second weekend to kick off the new year after opening to over $30 million the previous week?

    Oh, that’s right. I forgot. Everything should open to $40-$70 million like G.I. Joe: Retaliation, The Croods, and Oz: The Great and Powerful. Yeah, Hollywood, why can’t you release a big budget event film every weekend? You know, like that runaway blockbuster Jack the Giant Slayer that everyone rushed out to see.

  • LSD Zombie

    What a clueless jackass.