Exclusive First Look at Decoys 2!

Decoys 2 pic (click to see it bigger)!Finally the wait is over. You can release that pleasant family you’ve been keeping locked up in the closet, I’m sure they’re hungry and need to use the bathroom, because your demands have been met; we’ve got the first pics and info for Decoys 2: Alien Seduction!

Sony’s direct-to-DVD sequel to 2004’s hot chicks as aliens film Decoys returns us to the campus of Strathmore, where one of the survivors from the first movie is an assistant to a biology professor (the Saw series’ Tobin Bell) whose specialty is strange evolutionary lifeforms. He’s still haunted by the death of his friend and sure that every sexy co-ed is actually an alien in disguise. How fitting, then, when a new Decoys 2 pic (click to see it bigger)!group of hot blondes that truly are aliens in disguise show up to mate with our race once again, this time understanding that said mating has to happen under only the coldest of conditions. Sounds like fun!

All the stills you see are exclusives (three more below!) and though there’s really only one good money shot, and by that I mean a good pic of one of the aliens, you perverts, we’ve been told there are more coming down the line, so keep your eyes peeled…

Decoys 2 was helmed by Jeffery Scott Lando, who most recently did well by B-movie fans with Insecticidal. We’re still waiting for word on a solid release date, but don’t lose any sleep or take part in any more home invasions; we’ll let you know as soon as we do! Enjoy the pics!

Decoys 2 pic (click to see it bigger)! Decoys 2 pic (click to see it bigger)! Decoys 2 pic (click to see it bigger)!

Johnny Butane

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