Soul Hackers Now Available For Nintendo 3DS

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Soul Hackers Now Available For Nintendo 3DSFans can now pick up Soul Hackers for the Nintendo 3DS for $39.99. Players who enter a virtual reality world populated by demons and hackers have the ability to control them. Step into this first-person RPG today, while your soul is still intact!

From the Press Release
Starting today, gamers can begin exploring Amami City, the setting where technology and otherworldly forces meet in a macabre fusion of cyberpunk and Gothic horror in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers (Soul Hackers), an ATLUS-developed product. Published by ATLUS, a brand of Index Digital Media, Inc., Soul Hackers is now widely available at retailers and in the Nintendo eShop in North America for the first time; the original version of Soul Hackers was released in 1997 only for the Japanese markets. The new release of Soul Hackers is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS system and is available for $39.99. Pre-orderers and gamers who purchase the first printing of the title at launch will receive a limited edition music CD, which consists of six fan-voted tracks that are inspired by the original Soul Hackers soundtrack.

Soul Hackers takes place in the not-so-distant future in Amami City, a technological marvel. The city is permeated by Paradigm X, a virtual reality world that connects the entire populace. When the main character attempts to hack his way in to Paradigm X, he accidentally comes into possession of a Gun-type COMP (GUMP) that allows him to communicate with, and control demons. It also causes the main character’s girlfriend to get possessed by the demon Nemissa, which is when the secret Phantom Society organization begins to take notice…

Soul Hackers is a first-person RPG in the same vein as other games in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise. The graphical style remains faithful to the original 1997 version but is optimized with 3-D graphics for the Nintendo 3DS system. The bottom touch screen of the Nintendo 3DS will function as the GUMP interface, allowing players to change the difficulty of the game on the fly, along with various other gameplay-modifying hacks that are revealed throughout the game.

To learn more, visit the official Soul Hackers website.

Soul Hackers Now Available For Nintendo 3DS

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