Weekend Box Office Report: Was Evil Dead More Alive than Scary Movie 5?

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Weekend Box Office Report: Was Evil Dead More Alive than Scary Movie 5?While Evil Dead struggled not to plummet like so many 3D Texas Chainsaws, Scary Movie 5 proved to be a franchise that probably wasn’t worth reviving. Funny; A Haunted House was a modest hit and Scary Movie 5 bombs.

Seems the Wayans Bros. finally got their revenge against Dimension.

Back in 2006, Scary Movie 4 opened to over $40 million. Seven years later, Scary Movie 5 could only lure in $15 million. Good enough for second place on a slow weekend dominated by a baseball biopic but lousy for a once highly profitable franchise.

Why is Scary Movie 5 such a dud? Did they wait too long between sequels? Was it the lack of franchise star Anna Faris? Did audiences already get their fill of horror movie spoofing with A Haunted House? Were viewers put off by a marketing campaign built around Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan? Whatever the reason may be, I prefer to chalk it up as proof there still is hope for humanity.

Meanwhile, Evil Dead is doing what horror movies these days traditionally do in their second week – freefall. That $26 million opening weekend is being followed up by a 63% drop, down to a $9.5 million, 5th place week two. Regardless, a sequel is all but assured.

Jurassic Park 3D only dropped about 50% into 6th place its second weekend with $8.8 million. That’s a better hold than The Phantom Menace’s second week of 3D re-release but worse than Titanic’s.

And with that the box office report looks to be going on hiatus yet again for several weeks. Is there even another wide release horror movie opening between now and World War Z in late June? Eli Roth’s Aftershock is getting a wide release in May, I think. Otherwise, the summer movie season is about to begin, and that usually means slim pickings for horror fans.

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  • Fearless_Froude

    Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem opens up this week in limited release The Purge comes out May 31st then Aftershock. So horror fans kinda have something to go see between now and World War Z.